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  1. embee

    D&D 5E NEED ADVICE: Goblin Invasion Long One-Shot/Short Campaign

    With the 5e conversion of Abomination Vaults, I got to thinking... What about a one shot that's the standard level 1 party goes after some goblins but... the goblin village was already raided. By other goblins. Specifically, by PF goblins. What are some flavor differences between 5e and...
  2. embee

    Peacemaker (HBOMax) - Possible Spoilers

    I'm about 3 eps into this James Gunn series. A bit one-notey. John Cena reprises his role a lunkheaded, ostensibly affable, possibly accidentally prejudiced assassin who loves peace by killing lots of people. When he's funny, he's very funny. Otherwise, it's kind of "Haha! Peacemaker said...
  3. embee

    DUNE Movie: Thoughts, Opinions, and Impressions

    So, having watched Dune (2021), I'm not overly impressed with the writing or the acting. As pertains to the writing, enormous liberties were taken with the script. It's, at least in my opinion, a very dumbed-down version of Dune. The acting is fairly wooden as well, which is to be expected from...
  4. embee

    D&D 5E Can You Milk A Conjured Cow?

    This question came up this week. My general ruling was "yes, by rules, the conjured cow can be milked. Milking isn't a hostile action, doesn't break concentration, and won't drop it to 0hp. Now, the cow is, by rules, a fey creature in that it is a fey spirit that has taken the form of a beast...
  5. embee

    Adventure Time: Distant Lands - Wizard City

    Adventure Time, the fantasy-themed tragically hip cartoon with strong Vancian undertones, is back once again with a 49 minute special that borrows somewhat from Harry Potter. This final installment focuses on Peppermint Butler as he has to prove that he's not a dark wizard like his ancestor...
  6. embee

    NEED ADVICE: Call of Cthulhu - "Best" Edition For Newcomers and Long Absent Players

    Lost in the dusty recesses of my waning memory, I have fond recollections of my misspent college weekends, playing RPGs across the spectrum. This was in the early 90s when there was an embarrassment of riches when it came to gaming. Our default was Vampire. But we also had Dark Sun, Saturday...
  7. embee

    Thoughts on the rebooted He-Man (Netflix)

    The He-Man reboot has just dropped on Netflix. I'd like to NOT have this devolve into a discussion of the societal aspects of the reboot and instead on the show's merits on its own. That said, 2 episodes in and there is a definite problem. Who is this show for? Because it's sure not for small...
  8. embee

    D&D 5E How Would You Run Dragon Sickness?

    I'm nearly at the end of my campaign wherein the players are expected to kill a dragon, meaning that there will be a dragon hoard. I'd like to curse it with "Dragon Sickness" from The Hobbit (or at least have the risk of it being cursed with it). One of the party has "greedy for gold" as a flaw...
  9. embee

    Todd Howard Does It Again - Skyrim: The Board Game

    Skyrim. Skyrim: The Legendary Edition. Skyrim Special Edition. Skyrim for Switch. Skyrim on a TI-84. Now, Modiphius, which also publishes the Fallout RPG, is putting out Skyrim: The Board Game. From DiceBreaker: A crowdfunding campaign is to be launched soon. Unless, of course, the...
  10. embee

    D&D 5E Goodman Games Taking Pre-Orders For ToEE

    Better late than never, Goodman Games has opened up preorders for the upcoming 2 volume behemoth that is the Original Adventures Reincarnated conversion of T1-T4. $99 USD to get theses two massive tomes...
  11. embee

    D&D 5E Tips for Tyranny of Dragons?

    I'm wrapping up my LMoP campaign. My players have grown to like their characters who are on track to finish at Level 7. Now, I've got my campaign hook as the Dragon cultists have broken Glasstaff out from the caravan transporting him back to face justice at the hands of the Lords' Alliance and...
  12. embee

    D&D General LORE QUESTION: Elder Elemental Evil Eye

    What is the relationship of Tharizdun, Gaunadaur, and Juiblex? Is there one? I'm trying to come up with some kind of long-term overarching Big Bad and also want to bring in some eldritch horror stuff like aboleths and illithids. From some of my digging, I believe that Gaunadaur is tied to the...
  13. embee

    What are you running right now?

    I don't get a lot of free-time for just me (such is life) so I look forward to my weekly Saturday night session. We missed a session two weeks ago due to a player not being able to make it and last week because I was out of town (no GM=no game). So, being without my D&D session for so long has...
  14. embee

    D&D 5E No More PHB+1 In AL

    Adventurers League has massively opened up character creation options. Players may now pull from PHB, VGtM, XGtE, MToF, and TCoE, and,for FR campaigns, SCAG.
  15. embee

    D&D 5E Player Facing Combat

    Was watching my usual YouTube channels last night and saw the Dungeoncraft YT on player-facing combat - i.e. the players roll to defend instead of the GM rolling to hit. It seems simple enough and I like the philosophy and psychology theory behind it. How exactly does it work though? Does the...
  16. embee

    D&D 5E Barter Economy

    Ah the gold piece. The staple of the RPG economy. But why? I mean, in an urban center, currency makes sense. But what about once you get outside of the cities? I'm almost done with a campaign and am thinking that, for the next one, I'm going to try to switch over to a barter economy which, I...
  17. embee

    If you were getting sworn in, what book would it be on?

    So let's say you're getting sworn into office. There's no requirement that it be on the Bible (or any holy text for that matter). So, what book would it be on? For me, either my Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) manual or my Complete Psionics Handbook. A lot of good gaming memories tied up in...
  18. embee

    CDPR Sued For Securities Violations

    And now, the water having been chummed, a class action lawsuit has been filed in the US District Court for the Central District of California, alleging violations of the Securities Act of 1934 arising out of alleged material misrepresentations about the playability of Cyberpunk 2077, in turn...
  19. embee

    Roll20 Alternatives

    This isn't a question about whether an alternative is better than Roll20. Rather, my question is which non-Roll20 VTT do you prefer and, hopefully, why.
  20. embee

    Cyberpunk RED & A Stroll Down A Dusty Memory Lane

    I don't know if anyone remembers but back in the 90's, there was a CCG called Heresy: Kingdom Come. The story was that a war between angels and demons was playing out but in a cyberpunk setting. The story concept was cool (to my then-college sensibilities) and the artwork was arguably the finest...