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  1. Larnievc

    Level Up (A5E) Races from the Multiverse book

    So I was glancing at the new race format in MPMOTM and if you leave out the stat boost they seem fine to bolt on Culture and Background (but not heritage) from the Level Up books (although there are no paragon powers). Am I missing something obvious?
  2. Larnievc

    Level Up (A5E) How compatible are splat book spells

    One of the players at my table asserts that the splat book 5e spells are significantly more powerful by level than A5E spells and are as such incompatible. Anyone with experience in this area?
  3. Larnievc

    Level Up (A5E) Gathering Spell components

    If you gather spell components while travelling you get a monetary value in components. Can anyone tell me what that means? I’ve always played a component pouch or focus as like a weapon: have none of either means no spells with component requirements. So if I have 3gp worth of components...
  4. Larnievc

    Level Up (A5E) Confusion spell

    The A5E Confusion spell seems to cause the Rattled condition. As opposed to the Confused condition (which is very similar to the table of effect for the OG5E Confusion spell). Is this intended? It's a little confusing.
  5. Larnievc

    D&D General 25 years

    I just played D&D with friends who I have not played with in 25 years. It was over the inter webs, it was only for two hours, we had but one encounter and there was lots of fannying around with speakers but it was the best time I’ve had in ages! I just wanted to share something positive (there...