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    Wear a helmet, Svend

    Danish road safety council: [
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    Consolidating Legacy Rules and Legacy House Rules?

    I'm wondering if this has been considered by Admin? Legacy House Rules gets so little traffic now that I never post there anymore, and it feels kind of disingenuous to post stuff in Legacy Rules in order to elicit feedback when I know it should be in the other forum. Would a [House Rules] tag be...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Cutting Down the 3.5 Christmas Tree: Decoupling Wealth from Combat Power

    I've been working on a variety of "universal templates" – for want of a better term – designed to eliminate the need for magic items to balance a character at any given level in 3.5. The purpose is to silo out character wealth entirely, allowing gold and items to be handed out on a purely...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 Homebrew

    Random ideas. Hit Points Rejigged The idea is a variant wound/vitality system which can accommodate different styles, and to reorganize the various conditions effects to make them more interesting and germane to play. Also, to fold in the massive damage mechanic – which always struck me as an...
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    Grognards: Was the Dex Check a Common House Rule Before 1e?

    Does the Dex check have a good pedigree?
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    Is the Warhammer a D&D Invention?

    Whenever I think of real-life war-hammers, I think of military picks designed to penetrate armor. The D&D warhammer is just - well, a big hammer. Military picks are something different. Any ideas?
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    B/X Campaign Development

    I'm in the process of developing a B/X campaign, maybe to PBEM at some point. I'm going for pure vanilla: • High Medieval • Low Magic • Humanocentric Most people are Normal Men ("0 Level;" "Normal Humans"), a relative few are Fighters. Thieves are rarer. Spellcasters are rarer still. There are...
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    Is Nine Too Young for SWSE?

    I'm thinking about buying it for my nephew for Xmas. It would be his first exposure to RPGs. He's a smart kid; good, but not excellent reading skills for his age. He's a SW fanatic.
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    Did Anybody Ever Play "Space Opera?"

    I expect the answer to be 'no,' and this thread to die a quick death, but I'm curious. How does it measure up to Classic Traveller?
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    How Many Devas can you Fit through the Gate?

    Say a solar casts a gate spell, and holds it open for 20 rounds. How many devas do you think could get through in that time?
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    Inherent Bonuses / CR Adjustments ??

    Do you think that two +5 inherent bonuses to ability scores are worth +1CR? Are six worth +3CR? I know that it's all very situational, but does anyone have any ideas / general guidelines ?
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    D&D 4E Killing Time Before 4e Comes Out

    I've lost all interest in 3.5, as I'm too excited by the prospect of 4E. I was going to start another game soon, and I'm thinking about 1E, or B/X. Or buying Holmes - I've never played an edition that early. I've got nice copies of the 1E hardcovers - I replaced them all when I moved to the...
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    Vanilla Essence: 1E Demographics and the Implied Setting

    This began as a short argument in favor of 1E demographics, and got rather bloated on ideas about play style. It's kind of long, so you've been warned. Recently, I've been pondering the issue of demographics in the typical campaign world and wondering how (or if) to fix it. There is the...
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    Thinking About Moving to FUDGE at Epic Level

    The rules are just getting too complicated, and I just don't have any time for the amount of mechanics involved any more. Whaddya think?
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    One Tactical Feat

    Curious about this: frankly, I've no idea about balance when it comes to tactical feats. Is this reasonable? What would make it better? Hand-and-a-Halfer [Tactical] Prerequisites: Dex 15, Combat Expertise, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword), Improved Trip, BAB +6. Benefit: If you are...
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    How to Make D&D Accessible to the Non-Mathematically Inclined?

    So, I'm starting a new game soon. One of the players is a newbie, with absolutely no mathematical aptitude: a totally artsy, creative type. I'll be emphasizing role-playing, and saying 'OK. Roll the die,' when appropriate. But it seems that a reasonable level of competence in math is a...
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    Harhall Characters

    PCs after successive changes and house-rules. Lek Male Human Bard 4/Fighter 4: Medium humanoid; HD/Level 8; hp 18; Init +6; Spd 30 ft.; Defense +9 (+7 Base, +2 Dex; touch +9, flat-footed +0); Armor/DR 4; Base Atk +7; Grp +9; Atk +11 melee (1d8+4/19-20, MW longsword) or +9 ranged (1d6+2...
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    Harhall (updated 3/6)

    This thread was originally lost in the Great Crash of '06 - I thought I'd revive it, as it's a game which has been off-and-on revisited a fair bit. I've been picking at the SH but I haven't really grounded it properly in my head. I thought it might inspire me to write more, although it's hard...
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    I thought that a thread dedicated to various characters might be nice. Matt, Jake et. al can go here in their umpteen incarnations. I figured it would be good to throw in a few other possible benchmark characters, as well. Epic characters take so damn long to detail. I'm going to start with...
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    Opposed Caster Level Checks, [Dispel] and [Destroy]

    I want to talk about opposed caster level checks, first (OCLCs hereafter). I would like to propose a hierarchy, of sorts, for spells - based on their effectiveness at overcoming defenses or repelling attacks. It's one aspect (maybe the most important one) of the 'epic benefit' a spell receives...