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  1. embee

    Seth Green gets scammed out of his NFT and it tanks his new show.

    I am currently hearing "A Day In The Life" by the Beatles in my head...
  2. embee

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Giant crocodiles in the moat.
  3. embee

    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law trailer

    The acting doesn't even begin to hold a candle to Sir Laurence Olivier in Wuthering Heights, the dialogue lacks the bite and intensity of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and the camera work is something that Gordon Parks would be ashamed of. However, those are all highly unfair comparisons. It...
  4. embee

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond Will Delist Two Books On May 17th

    You're being paranoid. If there's one thing I know about computers its that online databases never ever go down for any reason and are as certain as death and taxes.
  5. embee

    D&D 5E D&D Beyond Will Delist Two Books On May 17th

    Any word on whether they'll be sending their goons around to confiscate existing physical books?
  6. embee

    D&D General I am so done with kickstarter

    That's not to say that he's the rule. He may be an exception. Knowing that Kickstarter is a way to crowdfund unrealized projects and not a place to buy finished products, I have backed precisely 5 kickstarters. The best was Other Magic a 5e expansion to include magic based on civilizations...
  7. embee

    Describe your last rpg session in 5 words

    Life Got In The Way
  8. embee

    D&D General I am so done with kickstarter

    That's because with the traditional publishing model, it was, "I will give you money for a finished product." With crowdfunding, it's "I will give you money to finish a product." Kickstarter is for people who, for whatever reason, have not capitalized their project. Maybe they couldn't secure...
  9. embee

    Games with "terrible" follow-up editions

    While I'm somewhat curious about current WoD, my feeling is that it won't be able to compare to the original and revised editions. Not because of any mechanical flaws but, rather, because my experience with it is so tightly bound up with college in the early 90s. My fondness for it is, in no...
  10. embee

    D&D General Monster Manual vs Volo's vs Multiverse

    The only "problem" with the Monster Manual Expanded series is that you only get the books and not an extra shelf as well to hold all of the incredible amount of content.
  11. embee

    The Batman (spoilers)

    Maybe I watch too many CinemaSins videos but the "real lasers" in Dune - in the Duncan Idaho fight scene especially - made me say "15,000 years in the future and they're still using knives and pointy sticks to fight instead of the lasers that they can use to cut through steel and concrete...
  12. embee

    The Batman (spoilers)

    You, sir, speak heresy. Everyone knows that Eartha Kitt is the greatest Catwoman that ever was and ever will be.
  13. embee

    The Batman (spoilers)

    Lol... my bad. I have no idea why I had thought that. Maybe I hallucinated that Russell Crowe was going to be in it.
  14. embee

    The Batman (spoilers)

    Batman never really succeeds anyway. Villain kills someone, Batman tracks down villain and beats him up. Villain winds up back in Arkham and inevitably escapes, killing again. He saves a couple of lives along the way but the bad guy always goes on to kill again. That said, Batman standing on...
  15. embee

    The Batman (spoilers)

    I really enjoyed it. It focused on the detective side of Batman. Less punching (relatively speaking) and more solving. I loved that it was willing to slaughter some sacred cows of the mythos, such as Saint Thomas, best embodied in Batman Begins. The Batman's Thomas Wayne is definitely more...
  16. embee

    D&D 5E NEED ADVICE: Goblin Invasion Long One-Shot/Short Campaign

    With the 5e conversion of Abomination Vaults, I got to thinking... What about a one shot that's the standard level 1 party goes after some goblins but... the goblin village was already raided. By other goblins. Specifically, by PF goblins. What are some flavor differences between 5e and...
  17. embee

    You Can Now Pre-Order My Little Pony TTRPG

    Considering my 7 year-old is primed and ready for TTRPGs (and my 3 year-old is an expert dice tower architect), I'm sold.
  18. embee

    D&D 5E Is Dragons of Stormwreck Isle Based on the 80s D&D Cartoon?

    Nice bodyshaming there! Did it ever occur to you that Venger has NO horn and that his "horn" is, in fact, an anomalous bony growth caused by a congenital condition? If we embrace and celebrate our differences, there would be a lot less Evil out there. ;)
  19. embee

    What is it that makes goblinoids different from non-goblinoids?

    From a GM standpoint, RAW, you are only required to do the funny screechy voice for goblins, not non-goblinoids.
  20. embee

    Ms Marvel trailer

    Yeah. It's really annoying when Marvel tries to engage audiences that aren't always placed front and center in every single other movie. A girl superhero? Ugh... And she's a POC? Like I would ever care about that. And she's Muslim too?! Great... they're probably going to shove the whole...