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  1. Ferghis

    Preparing a survey on rituals, recipes, and martial practices

    This is a part of 4e D&D that sees less use than I'd like it to, at least at the tables I sit at. There are almost certainly many reasons for this, but a big one is the amount of work it takes for players or DMs alike to review the options and make selections with their limited resources. To...
  2. Ferghis

    TSR Unearthed Arcana: TSR Policies

    A blogger dug up and posted TSR's policies regarding publication. There's some fun stuff there, like a prohibition on describing satanic rituals in detail.
  3. Ferghis

    Ingenious & Game-expanding Houserules

    I hope folks post the more ingenious and game-expanding houserules in this thread. Particularly, ones that are either mechanically ingenious, or that open up a new part of the game. But anything interesting will do. I'm just not interested in math fixes, or small tweaks such as giving a class an...
  4. Ferghis

    New RPG that uses a deck of cards

    The bulk of the rules appear to be here: More details on the sidebar in this subreddit: The simplicity is appealing, but I I'm wonder if these kinds of systems only really work with a special group of people. I'm not sure 4 or 5...
  5. Ferghis

    Increasing disparity between monster and player initiative

    This thread is inspired by those that have noticed the difference between monster defenses and PC attack bonuses. There is a similar pattern with respect to initiative. As the PCs grow in level, the difference between an appropriate level monster's initiative bonus and an average PC's initiative...
  6. Ferghis

    Does a Con warlock's Painful Transference need fixing? How?

    Warlocks have become a big class, with an essentials version or two, and even the core class has several different pacts at this point. Like a few other classes (the Paladin and Cleric both come to mind), a warlock can be build around one of two different attack stats: Constitution or Charisma...
  7. Ferghis

    Ways to assess an encounter early

    As a player, one of the main problems I have in an encounter is figuring out when to deploy daily and other resources. Sometimes it's easy, such as when a character really needs healing to stay in the fight (you spend the surge), or when targets are perfectly positioned for that area-affecting...
  8. Ferghis

    Biologically immortal humans would live 600-700 years.

    ... at least according to the guys behind this research: Q: Does the 2nd law of thermodynamics imply that everything must eventually die, regardless of the ultimate fate of the universe? | Ask a Mathematician / Ask a Physicist The relevant bit: At first glance, this fits with many settings'...
  9. Ferghis

    Homebrew items for living constructs

    I'm trying to come up with some more items for warforged characters. Please let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas for other items. Webbed Appendages Level 8 Common Your lower extremities grow elongated and webbed, better suited for sea rather than land. Feet Slot (attached...
  10. Ferghis

    New Drow Themes

    The new dragon article is out: Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Against the Matriarchs) While some of the benefits are too circumstantial for my tastes, the article has some nice ideas in it. Part of the level 10 Sorceror Adept benefits, however, will need...
  11. Ferghis

    Kenku as a "real" playable race

    For those who haven't seen it, it's here (paywall applies): Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (Winning Races: Kenku) For one, I love the notion of the kenku as a playable race. I imagine them hanging out at docks, eyeing a mark, and was inspired to make a charisma...
  12. Ferghis

    D&D 5E Monte Cook done with D&D Next! Public playtesting on May 24th!

    Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page - Article (News on D&D Next) After so much came from his hiring, Monte Cook's departure blew my mind. I can't help but make up some crazy conjectures. Tell me yours. Or, if someone wants to ruin the party, they could explain this to me with...
  13. Ferghis

    Online Compendium & CB updated!

    Just what the title says (up to Dragon 405). I wasn't expecting the update (perhaps out of ignorance), but I just noticed it. This is good news to online gamers. It also includes all the updated dual-class expertise feats from Dragon 402.
  14. Ferghis

    Alternative Rewards: if you use them more than occasionally, how do you do it?

    I find the alternative rewards pretty cool. By not displacing other, often "necessary" (by some standard) items, these rewards would be almost universally well-received by a player. On the other hand, regular items, particular arm-slot ones, or - if you continue to play with the...
  15. Ferghis

    Free action item draw/stow: overpowered?

    Both the Disembodied Hand and the Rakshasha Claw familiars grant the following: There are no limitations on it. At paragon and epic levels, characters can accumulate plenty of (lower-level) magic items. While a weapon or implement can have only one enchantment, being able to swap it out at the...
  16. Ferghis

    Too many action types in action economy

    There are two different ways to measure an action at the momen. This leads to lots of odd combinations, but they all plot out more or less on the same line of frequency of usage. I wonder if this could be simplified into a simpler and more coherent trend. Daily powers can be used once between...
  17. Ferghis

    [Closed] D&D4E w/ Maptools & Skype Wednesdays @ 7pm GMT

    We're starting a War of the Burning Sky campaign from scratch. We're using themes, and the DM gives a free expertise and defense feat later in heroic tier. We're using to support the campaign, and post there pretty actively throughout the week. Please go to...
  18. Ferghis

    Grab and Grappling Strike

    Several questions about grabs and the brawler attack. Firstly, here's the attack. 1) Can this grab be sustained with a minor action? 2) Is this power governed by the same rules as a grab attack? For example, 2a) Would it gain an attack bonus granted to a grab attack? 2b) Sash of Ensnarement...
  19. Ferghis

    Do brawlers get their feature bonuses with grabbing weapons?

    The compendium states: Do you think the sentence parses: While - you wield a weapon in your primary hand and your off hand is free or - grabbing a creature you gain a +1 bonus to AC and a +2 bonus to Fortitude. Or do you think it parses: While you wield a weapon in your primary hand and...
  20. Ferghis

    Can a DM expose a vampire character to sunlight with combat actions?

    I'm wondering what actions, if any, a DM can have enemies take that capitalize on a vampire's vulnerability to sunlight. Say the enemies realize what they're dealing with, can they try to remove the character's cloak during combat? Or burn it? EDIT: This would obviously only be done by an...