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    The Quest for the "One True System" Is It a Myth or Something More?

    One system to rule them all... Yeah, impossible when we all have different tastes. It is why I crafted my own RPG system. It is as perfect as humanly possible... For what *I* want to do. For others? Not so much. For example, it is tied heavily to my fantasy world. Now while some might enjoy...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    THE END! And now Enzi's Irregulars is officially complete. You can read the whole series at: The sourth and last free e-book collection of the updates is available at: Thanks all! Now it is time to work on my...
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    Favourite Non-D&D games?

    I can not imagine running a game that is not my homebrew system (6th Age of Doulairen) anymore. As far as playing in a game, I am a bit more open. I might do SW Saga, maybe a Shadowrun one shot. Maybe even a 3rd Ed D&D one shot (Yes, I know OP was of other systems than D&D - but I honestly...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    The third FREE e-book collection of the updates is now available! Also feel free to check out my novel at: and now also at...
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    16 Questions about the new Flint & Steel RPG

    Actually this sounds similar to the system I created for my gaming world. It is d20 based - you spend the experience you gain to get better. No classes, no levels. The one thing I learned about this was how much some people LOVE the structure of classes. So I stole an idea from ANOTHER similar...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    Hey Hey folks, coming up on the one year anniversary! (July the 4th!) However, I am currently doing an AMA on Reddit about my writings! Come join in! or Smoss
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    Upcoming video features; Forbes on D&D; PLUS Is sexism in gaming a problem?

    This can be a loaded question - And in that the answer is truly - It depends. What gaming? Published rules (D&D, PF, SW, etc)? You can make a case for some as very much yes, some very much no. Gaming culture? That depends on location. One gaming place I know of creeped out my female friends...
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    Do You Read This News?

    The front page is often the ONLY page I use. Sometimes I check the forums, but since I care more about general RPG stuff going on, the news is what is important. Having left D&D and other commercial systems behind for my own system makes me an odd reader I guess. :) I do quite enjoy news of...
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    Racism in your game?

    My current campaign world is very much human based (Monsters are rare and a waning force). Dislike of different human cultures (racism) was actually built into my world as a core concept. Certain cultures really don't agree with each other. :) Of course, I also wanted to turn things a bit...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    Forty uninterrupted weeks of serial fantasy adventure fiction only means one thing... Another FREE collection on Smashwords! Go get it here: Smoss
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    Trying out new systems

    I used to try new systems all the time. After I finished my own RPG system though, I find myself having difficulty using any other. I want to pick apart each system's flaws... Guess Ive gotten old and set in my ways now with the system I love. :) Smoss --------------------- Check out my...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    Spring has sprung! And I have published a new novel based in the world of Doulairen (The same world where Enzi's Irregulars adventure!) Heir to Agon Currently available on Smashwords at: Smoss
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    World Building and real world history

    My world history has several things in common with "Earth" history. I reference a lot of well known cultures so that people can "understand" the world. When I mention that the Nuvroci culture is similar to ancient roman culture, people immediately feel comfortable with me talking about their...
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    Making my own system; suggestions for spell effects?

    In my magic system, I generalized effects down to a very simple level - not sure if it will be useful - but hey, maybe it will give you ideas. Area (This determines if it is a ray, touch, AoE, etc) Duration (Fairly obvious) Meta (For metamagic style affects - Casting silent, still, etc for 3e...
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    Armor Class vs. Damage Reduction - Your preference

    Like the OP, I started in 2e and went to 3e. I was building my own systems before 3e came as 2e didn't do what I wanted. I started with multiple ACs (armor Class and Defense Class). Similar to the direction SW Saga and 4e went. This worked, but wasn't good enough. When 3e came, I liked it a...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    It is a new year! Updates continue! And I am now using to publish the free ebooks on this serial fiction (See updated links above). Want to read it on your kindle, Apple device, or any other device? It is available for ya! :) Smoss
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    A magic system I thought of...

    The magic system for my RPG is somewhat similar. It works well - depending on how you use it. For spellcasters with spellbooks it is great (Prepared spells ahead of time). Freeform casters is a bit harder as it requires system knowledge to really craft a good spell on the fly. I ended up with...
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    How many RPGs do you own?

    I have PLAYED a huge number of different games... but owning? D&D 3e/3.5 Star Wars d20/Saga Shadowrun 4e Mutants and Masterminds Aces and Eights Conan d20 d20 Modern I think that is all... And I dont use ANY of them anymore (And don't really think I ever would). They were great at the time...
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    Enzi's Irregulars

    Yay! Celebrating 20 (TWENTY!) uninterrupted updates. Over 40 thousand words of yummy fantasy goodness. Okay, sales pitch over. Go read it! :) Smoss
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    What If Your World Only Had 10 Monsters?

    Limiting monsters helped me a lot with my current setting (Sixth Age of Doulairen). I had always seen it as the human age - with the monsters as a dwindling threat (And humans being the real monsters etc, etc). It also meant that I would CONSOLIDATE several monsters. My favorite example is my...