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    Sale M-SPACE: Launch Sale Ends Tonight

    Just a quick note that the launch sale for Junkyard Blues ends tonight. Tomorrow, prices go back to normal again. Here is the link to DriveThruRPG: Junkyard Blues PDF $7.95 $6.76 Print $14.00 $11.90 Clarence Redd
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    Release M-SPACE - New Scenario Out Now

    Stranded in a Starship Graveyard Junkyard Blues is a sandbox scenario for M-SPACE, set on a hostile world comprised of starship wrecks and strange artefacts. Players take on the roles of stranded spacers and must venture across a vast starship graveyard to locate fuel, encountering strange...
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    M-SPACE Giveaway Ends Tonight! [Winners Announced]

    The giveaway has ended. See next post for the winner announcement. Just a quick reminder that the Elevation giveaway end tonight! You can still join here: Elevation: M-SPACE Campaign 1st Prize: Softcover copy of Elevation, shipped anywhere in the world. 2nd and 3rd Prizes: PDF of Elevation...