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    [Creative Exercise] Supreme beings in a summary, Deities in a dispatch

    Inspired by the "Worlds In A Word, Planes In A Paragraph" and "Campaigns In A Nutshell, Adventures in a Sentence" threads, this is a thread to brainstorm ideas for deities. I'll start the ball rolling: God the Bro and the King of Gloom- God the bro created the first man in order to have...
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    Twelve trees and green suns; refrences to a real world mythology?

    There are a couple of inexplicable tropes I've seen in multiple unrelated series as symbols of evil, and I was wondering if anyone here knows if they're refrencing some real world mythology that I'm unfamiliar with 1.) The Green Sun- This appears in at least two unrelated places, the first is...
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    Why no d18's?

    I just tonight learned that d18's were not only a thing, but a thing that dates back quite a while and it got me wondering about why modern roleplaying games, with all their unusually numbered dice, don't seem to make any use of them. Is it an oversight? Is it because it's considered too close...
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    Order of the Stick needs a new server

    Not sure if this is the right subforum for this, but just giving all of you a heads up that apparently Rich Burlew, the guy who writes the venerable Order of the Stick gaming comic, needs money to fix his website's server, so if any of you have ever considered buying any of his books now would...