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  1. p_johnston

    D&D 5E Share your favorite D&D story.

    So after years of playing my group has started to amass quite a few interesting, funny, and often silly stories. I assume the same can be said of most groups who end up playing long enough. My question to the community are which are your favorite stories from your years of playing tabletop...
  2. p_johnston

    D&D General Charisma and Roleplay, or who can talk to the NPC.

    I'll get to the meat of the post at top so anyone who wants to skip my semi rambling thoughts can. In order to encourage people to roleplay more I implemented a rule that says that whenever a player rolls a charisma based skill check they may roll with the highest modifier of whoever is present...
  3. p_johnston

    D&D 5E How often do characters die in your campaigns?

    I don't like killing individual characters. Whenever I'm running a campaign I try to give each character a lot of ties to the story and the overall plot. I work with the players in session 0 to tie each of the characters together with their backgrounds. In short I try my best to make everything...
  4. p_johnston

    Level Up (A5E) Injury and Death

    So the DMG has a really interesting rule on page 272, Injuries. In short whenever a PC gets knocked to 0 hp, takes a critical hit, or fails a death save by 5 or more they get an injury. The problem is that the chart they give in the book basically reads 1,2,3 become crippled 4-20 ignore the...
  5. p_johnston

    Level Up (A5E) Mini Feats.

    So one of the things I implemented in my game to make things more fun was a feat system more like 3.5/pathfinder. The basic idea is that instead of choosing between an ability score increase or a feat a player can get both. 1) Whenever a character gains a feat they gain a +1 to any one ability...