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  1. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E Attacks always "Hit"

    Removing a roll then having to add another roll "to make it interesting" doesn't sound like a great plan to me. If you want to remove randomness in attacks, I'd use averages i.e. as if a result of 10 was rolled, which is the same as what you do with passive checks. Advantage and disadvantage...
  2. Li Shenron

    5.5E Elf as a class

    Is this for theorycrafting or practical use? Because if it is for the latter, then at least don't worry too much about filling 20 levels. To recreate an older-edition Elf class (but without the original idea of being actually a gestalt and having to pay by slow XP progression) you definitely...
  3. Li Shenron

    D&D General Monsters of Spelljammer (part 1)

    Wow, a Constellate mini must cost a fortune...
  4. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E Slowed instead of Unconscious at 0 HP House Rule - Play Report

    As a DM who promises not to let the PCs die unless the players are ok with that, I like all these ideas.
  5. Li Shenron

    5.5E Is the 5E player base going to split?

    I agree with your general prediction but this is not gonna happen because of simple space reason. What can happen, is that they incorporate a few selected changes: customised racial ability bonuses and those free class boosts from Tasha, and maybe Beastmaster alternate pets. I don't think they...
  6. Li Shenron

    How Many Minis Do You Have?

    Do only traditional minis count or also stuff from other games? I use LEGO minifigs when running D&D. I've never counted them, I probably have something like a hundred or two, most of which are monsters. These I bought myself specifically for D&D either from single-minifigs sleeves, tiny sets...
  7. Li Shenron

    Who Are You Reviewing For?

    Same feelings here. I do generally look at stars averages to get a first feeling between competing products (like if I want to buy a coffee machine and there are 50 of them, I focus on the 7-8 with best average), but that's not applicable to RPG! For a RPG book it's a matter of "do I want it...
  8. Li Shenron

    Who Are You Reviewing For?

    Good point. I believe there is some known psychological effect in cheaper products evoking cheaper behavior. Like the same people behaving politely on a flight they spent a lot for, and becoming more demanding and even rude on a discounted fare flight. Personally I want to think I write reviews...
  9. Li Shenron

    D&D General Let's Talk About Dragons

    I love them too, after all my favourite RPG is named after them (and yes I also love dungeons)! I like dragons to be really powerful, but since I rarely reach very high level in the game, I also use their younger versions (except wyrmlings because they are really too low level), however I do...
  10. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E What would 5E be like if the playtest's modularity promise was kept?

    Really liked your summary, but with regard to this last bit, I must say that personally I feel I can play several different games I want, using 5e core rulebooks, and not just one. The key is to treat the core game more as a toolbox and less as a religious book. Sometimes Crawford & pals...
  11. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E +What Tricks and Shortcuts Do You Use To Make Monsters and other Hazards More Challenging?

    Mainly two things: 1) using tactical suggestions from "The Monsters Know" 2) adding feats to monsters and NPC: my favourites are Martial Adept and Magic Initiate because they open up lots of options, but also a good old Great Weapon Fighter or even Lucky work wonder
  12. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E What rule(s) is 5e missing?

    I mean something similar to those rules in two early UA articles which were never finalized and published.
  13. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E Wights....problem with RaW...

    Yes, but as GM4P already said, it doesn't actually specify how it's delivered other than it's melee... although even if it did say that it was with a claw, I wouldn't see any problem narrating it as done with the weapon.
  14. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E What rule(s) is 5e missing?

    Rules for running PCs through very large battles
  15. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E Wights....problem with RaW...

    I think your variation is very legit... the attack itself doesn't even say exactly with what the wight is attacking so you could definitely say it's delivered by its sword
  16. Li Shenron

    Eurovision 2022

    I think Eurovision "competition" aspect should be taken with a grain of salt :) Music is the core aspect but not the only reason for the final results, the show and the feeling and emotions brought up by each artist are even more important. I was glad it ended like it did, even if my favourite...
  17. Li Shenron

    D&D 5E Is Tasha's More or Less The Universal Standard?

    I do not allow it whole by default. If it didn't have all those free boosts for specific classes, I would have easily allowed most character material even if I personally don't like the majority of it (in fact I didn't buy the book myself) but those free boosts were a dealbreaker, so now my...
  18. Li Shenron

    5.5E The future of edition changes and revisions

    I think the gamer base will remain the same. 5.1 will be a smaller update than 3.5 was for 3.0. Even those who bought all 5e books would not have spent a fortune and will probably be able to use at least all the adventures and monsters books, so they won't nearly be in the same situation as...
  19. Li Shenron

    5.5E The Variant-variant Human:

    Well, the more flexible and powerful character creation rules become, the less relevant the specific race is, especially when the race itself has always been built around the concept of... being flexible. In theory, with expertise you hit the nail on the last remaining "generic" ability that...
  20. Li Shenron

    D&D General Decision paralysis: how do you homebrew?

    Ok, and let's try to take this positively: it means whatever you choose eventually, it'll make a fine game. But do you mean you have TWO groups you are going to run RHoD for? Could this mean you have the possibility to play it in one setting for group A and another setting for group B? Because...