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    D&D 5E Volo's Guide to Monsters Limited Edition

    I'm considering purchasing a copy of Volo's Guide to Monsters limited edition but before I do, I have a few questions. First, was there more than one printing? I assume there was just one print run but I've seen some copies in a clear wrap and wondered if this was added in a subsequent...
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    Down With D&D Podcast

    Someone was kind enough to share quite a few of my missing episodes. However, I'm still looking for episodes 1-47 plus a couple others later on. Does anyone have these and is willing to share them? Thanks!
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    Down With D&D Podcast

    Tell me about it! It's a known problem with iTunes. Typically I'm good at backing up but this time it got me...
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    Down With D&D Podcast

    Thanks alot Henry! I downloaded 34 episodes here but unfortunately, I couldn't find Episodes 1-89.
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    Down With D&D Podcast

    Hello. Last night, for some unknown reason, iTunes deleted all of my old episodes of the Down With D&D podcast. Unfortunately, the feed only has the most recent 35 episodes available so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their copies of episodes 1 thru 124? Please PM me if...
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    Conditions Artist

    Thanks pukunui!
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    Conditions Artist

    Hello. Can someone please tell me the name of the artist that did the illustrations for the conditions in Appendix A in the Player's Handbook? Thanks!
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    Masterplan, how I love thee...

    Does Masterplan do all the calculations when creating monsters? Does it format the stat blocks properly? I've tried the Adventure Tools but it was frustratingly buggy. A good, reliable offline monster builder would be awesome.
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    D&D 5E Druid Wild Shape Beast Size

    I encountered a situation tonight and I wasn't sure how to rule. I read through the relevant sections of the PH, consulted the Sage Advice Compendium and searched online for answers but found nothing. Here's the situation: Our druid rushed into a small room and Wild Shaped into a Brown Bear...
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    Character Building Tools

    I was wondering how players of the various editions create their characters. With 4E I’ve always had access to pretty good character building software but I’ve never tried to make a 4E character without using one of these tools. Does anyone play 4E and not use software for building characters...
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    How many people do you know who haven't switched to 5e, and why haven't they?

    I probably fall best into category 2. I stated playing with the Holmes box set back in the late 70’s and moved on to AD&D shortly thereafter. By the time 2E came around I had unfortunately lost much of my interest in D&D. However, In 2008 I stumbled upon the Penny Arcade podcasts which sucked...
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    Radio Free Hommlet?

    I'm interested in finding these podcasts as well. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!