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  1. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Amazon: Buy 2 get 1 free D&D Books

    Just a heads up for those needing to shop for the holidays!
  2. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Tomb of Annihilation kobold den

    Has anyone fleshed out the Kobold den located under the bazaar in Omu? I'm about to draw up a small den and was wondering of anyone else has done this yet.
  3. MockingBird

    D&D General Greyhawk setting material

    So I just picked up Ghost of Saltmarsh and I have only read the first chapter but have scanned it over many times. I'm really enjoying the write up on Saltmarsh. I've always played and ran games in FR and have setting material for that setting (old grey box). My question is, what is a good start...
  4. MockingBird

    D&D 5E Sidekick rules

    Just a question to seem if I'm missing anything. So I'm aware of the UA sidekick playtest rules and the official D&D Essentials rules. What im wondering is are the official rules posted anywhere or do I have to buy the kit to get them? I saw an image from the rulebook included in the kit and if...
  5. MockingBird

    Dragon Heist as a prologue for Ravenloft?

    For those who have DMed or read Dragon Heist could this or should this be used to level up players that will eventually play Curse of Strahd? I know theres a small adventure just for this in Curse. I'm kind of interested in Dragon Heist and I'm not sure if I'll run Mad Mage (it seems to require...
  6. MockingBird

    Xanathar's Subclasses

    Just picked this book up for steal at 20$ on Amazon. Has anyone had the chance to try any of these out? Curious to see how the Bard college of swords plays. Just from reading it makes me think this would be a cool sub-class to play.