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  1. the Jester

    D&D General Using a Variant XP System and Had An Interesting Observation About Treasure

    I'm running a group using a variant xp system called "ale & whores" where you only get xp by burning your money on stuff that doesn't give you any benefits (i.e., ale & whores, gambling, Stygian lotus, or in the case of a do-gooder, anonymous donations to the charity of their choice). The point...
  2. the Jester

    D&D 5E What's your lowest CR legendary monster?

    DMs, what's the lowest CR legendary monster you have created and/or used? I don't think I've used any below about CR 6, but I've made a couple of CR 1 legendary monsters. I just did up my second one, who I'll post as an example of what I think a low level legendary monster can be like...
  3. the Jester

    D&D General Math Question re: 3d6 vs. 4d6 drop one

    Okay, mathy people, can anyone help me figure out how to make this work? I'd like to have two methods of stat generation that give, on average, equal results in the end. The first is more or less what rolling for stats looks like right now: 4d6, drop one die of your choice, then add (for a...
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    5.5E Monster Change: Force Damage vs. Magic Weapons

    So it very much seems like monsters that previously had the Magic Weapons trait are being switched to doing force damage instead of bludgeoning/piercing/slashing damage. What are your thoughts on this? EDIT: To be clear, this is based on the changes to monsters in Mordenkainen's Monsters of the...
  5. the Jester

    D&D 5E New Organization of Mordenkainen's Monsters of the Multiverse- but not really

    So one of the big changes in MMM is that they were going to truly alphabetize the monsters. Balor is now under B, not D for Demon. What a great idea! I thought. And then they don't really actually do that- dinosaurs are still all under D, for instance. Why?? If you're gonna do it- and I...
  6. the Jester

    D&D 5E At Higher Levels (Upcasting)

    I have thought for a long time that upcasting was an area with great untapped potential. By 'upcasting', of course, I mean the stuff some spells have listed under the "At Higher Levels" section. I suspect that one concern the designers had about this was stepping on the toes of the sorcerers'...
  7. the Jester

    D&D General How many Abyssal scavengers/skulkers does it take to make a portal?

    I know the thread title sounds like a joke, but serious question here. I'm not certain whether this has actually been answered anywhere... but these little demons called either Abyssal skulkers or Abyssal scavengers create a portal to the Abyss when gathered in numbers. How many does it take?
  8. the Jester

    D&D General Songs that would make good adventures

    Like the thread title says. Post songs that would make good adventures. Bonus points for lyrics or elaboration on why you think so. Obviously, I'll start: Abby of Synn - Ayreon Once upon a time, as in ancient history High upon a hill, in a shroud of mystery Loomed the abbey, as we journeyed...
  9. the Jester

    D&D 5E Monsters compared- new vs old versions

    So we've all seen that there are revised core books and Monsters of the Multiverse coming soon. What level of changes can we expect to e.g. monsters? Well, we have a few examples to check out. First, the tree blight- as depicted in Wild Beyond the Witchlight- vs. the tree blight as depicted in...
  10. the Jester

    D&D General Politics (in your game)

    Not everyone has political stuff go on in their game- in some campaigns, you don't ever even know the name of the country you're in, or whether there's a ruler, much less their name. But in some, politics are either a major feature or a major element in the background. And it doesn't have to be...
  11. the Jester

    D&D 5E "Has anyone converted (x) to 5e?"

    What things are there from previous edition that you'd love to see converted to 5e, but that you just haven't worked out how to do yourself? What things, in other words, would you like to see other peoples' versions of? For me, the big ones are the faux faerie and the racial vampires from 2e...
  12. the Jester

    D&D General What's the weirdest old edition material have you stuck in your 5e game lately?

    As the title says. Could be a spell, magic item, monster, npc, adventure, whatever- what is the weirdest piece of "old D&D" that you've put in the mixer with your "new D&D" in recent memory? For me, it's cerebral parasites. They were in the 1e Monster Manual, in the 2e Complete Psion's...
  13. the Jester

    D&D 1E Dungeon Master Costume- adult size

    So after seeing that Spirit Halloween Store has a Dungeonmaster (from the old D&D cartoon) costume for kids, I've been looking for about the last two months, and have been unable to track down one in adult size. Their website lists it as "out of stock", but I feel like they must have made about...
  14. the Jester

    D&D General Magic the Gathering set in Forgotten Realms

    This is interesting news indeed. I have been out of the MtG community for years, but if I was still into Magic, this would get my fanboy fire pretty hot.
  15. the Jester

    D&D 5E Working on a Warlord Full Class

    One of my biggest disappointments in 5e is the lack of an actual warlord base class. I know that there are a ton of ways to do a warlord lite, or to splash a bit of warlord into a character, but none of them really scratch the itch for me. What I want out of the warlord is complicated...
  16. the Jester

    D&D 5E Opinions: Clone and artificial aging

    Looking for opinions here. DMs of 5e- If a wizard has a way to artificially age a creature, would you think that method could shorten the 120 days time required for a clone spell to mature? For reference, a clone is described as "an inert duplicate of a living, Medium creature"; the aging...
  17. the Jester

    D&D 5E Is this a reasonable ruling re: stunned creatures?

    Last night I made a ruling that annoyed one of my players and want to do a reasonableness check. The monk pc had stunned a monster on his previous turn. On the monk's turn, he hit it and tried to stun it again. It occurred to me that there was no way to tell whether or not it worked- after...
  18. the Jester

    D&D General Do Your Human Characters Match Your Ethnicity (etc)?

    I am just curious about this one- obviously also inspired by the current conversations. Do your human pcs tend to look like you? Do they usually match your ethnicity, sex, gender, and sexual preference? How often do you play characters who don't? Feel free to include non-D&D human characters in...
  19. the Jester

    D&D General Outrageous Accents

    All the recent discussion about increasing awareness of the degree to which racist tropes and language pervade, or have pervaded, D&D has led me to thinking about Cyragnome de Bergerac. If you don't know, he was a gnome pc ran by... I think Roger Moore, or maybe Kim Mohan?... in the early...
  20. the Jester

    Pathfinder 2E Healing in PF2

    I don't have PF2, though I've been considering picking it up for ideas and inspiration. There are some mechanics that intrigue me, like the 3-action thing. But someone posted a thread- maybe @CapnZapp ?- and mentioned that healing takes time, but basically, you start every encounter at full...