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    Blog (A5E) Introducing Dungeon Delver’s Guide!

    Well you've only got 7 days left of autumn until it's winter! ;)
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    D&D 5E Paizo's 'The Abomination Vaults' Pathinder AP Coming to 5E

    SOLD I have all the APs, upto just before this, so glad this is coming to 5E
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    Interview with 2000AD/Judge Dredd owner

    Sadly the licence for 2000AD has gone from EN Publishing, but this popped up on my subs. For those that don't know Lindybeige is a full on geek after my own heart, into military, RPG, and (now I see) 2000AD! He interviews Jason Kingsley , who I also follow on YouTube (Modern History TV) for his...
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    D&D 5E Next OAR might be Giants? Goodman Games Original Adventures Revisited #7 might have a codename!

    This interests me a lot more than Wizards Citadel book, can't wait!
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    D&D 5E Here's A Look At 3 Adventures from the Radiant Citadel

    Well those of us that love a good hack n slash are unlikely to be interested in the new cartoon fluffy way of DnD. But we've got 50 of years of stuff to use, so hopefully this is a success for a different audience.
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    D&D 5E Announcement Next Week--What Hints For Upcoming D&D Books?

    Nah it’ll be NFTs, they’re the new hotness
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    Level Up (A5E) Level Up Fulfilment Has Started!

    ShipQuest? Awesome! I shall show my normal zen like patience to await it here on the opposite side of the world to Blighty
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    D&D General What class is Gandalf?

    Demi god class. And yes they're out there of you search!
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    New Website for Mongoose Publishing

    Yeah me too, I deleted it thinking it was spam at first! Not a great idea, without explanation on the email
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    D&D 2E 2e Fighter vs Fighter/Thief vs Thief Play Balance

    Yeah it is totally not how it is written, even OSR clones that cleave close don’t include or even hint at this ‘interpretation’. It leaves Thieves as pretty useless, I’ve never had a player play one apart from my first proper campaign, after that everyone I’ve played with have realised they suck...
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    D&D 2E 2e Fighter vs Fighter/Thief vs Thief Play Balance

    Yeah it is based on what Mike Mornard (spelling?) mentioned in the original EGG games. But it is more, Thieves automatically acheive anything humanly possible, they will find all basic taps if they loook, they will easily sneak into un alert places, climb and cliff, open any lock in a townsmans...
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    D&D 2E 2e Fighter vs Fighter/Thief vs Thief Play Balance

    A way to balance the single classed thief is to make single class (only, specialized in thievery) thieves abilities always work off a normal human could do it. So if a normal human could possibly sneak past an unattended guard? Yup, success don't roll, fighter thief rolls. If an attentive guard...
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    D&D 5E DRAGONLANCE LIVES! Unearthed Arcana Explores Heroes of Krynn!

    This makes we want to re read the first two trilogies, take notes on anything that could be gameplay related, and build DL on a 5e chassis. Even the original DL rules didn't actually reflect the books (along with having Knights of Solamnia thousands of years before Solamnia). These rules really...
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    D&D General The Beating Heart of the OSR, Part 1

    The Black Hack is certainly OSR feels, like things like Torchbearer. Trying to get the play/feels of old school games, without the same rules. But I really can’t see how it is OD&D, it’s very much just ‘that era’ rather than ‘that specific ruleset’ Looking forward to part 2!
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    D&D General The Beating Heart of the OSR, Part 1

    I disagree with your numbers because you include The Black Hack et al as derived from OD&D. If you look at the rules, the claim that it uses the original rules as a base is pretty farcical. It has nothing that makes it closer to OD&D than any other non race a class rules version of the time. To...
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    D&D General First official D&D game product you owned?

    We're a bunch of oldies, 40%+ of basic set!
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    D&D General A shorter Appendix N

    Sadly not available in Kindle for us not US