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  1. Wilphe

    Wilphe is busy

    Apologies to all those I am playing with / running for I hope to be less chaotic in a week or so
  2. Wilphe

    Wilphe is going away again

    Shocking I know, that almost never happens. Apologies to all and I will be back in a week
  3. Wilphe

    Wilphe is moving

    Net in new house should work, but if not, not.
  4. Wilphe

    Wilphe is away for a few days

    back at the weekend, hopefully
  5. Wilphe

    OOTS 369 is up...

    OOTS 369 is up
  6. Wilphe


    To all I've been reffing or playing with; I'm afraid work has got on top of me these last two weeks and I've not been able to update as much as I should, or in some cases, at all. Hopefully I can now be back on the case a bit better W
  7. Wilphe

    Wilphe is moving house

    This should be flawless and my posting, which is often sporadic anyway, should not be affected. However, things may not go according to plan. Hence this
  8. Wilphe

    Wilphe will be absent

    Wiphe is going on a business trip and will be returning Thursday. I will try and update everywhere that needs my attention tonight
  9. Wilphe

    Bother Around Beregost

    Is back
  10. Wilphe

    Bother Around Beregost

    Last month on "Bother around Beregost": 3rd Day of Melting 1372 Our intrepid bunch of heroes was assembled in the tap room at the most congenial Feldepost's Inn, perhaps the best inn in Beregost. An establishment owned by the taciturn and withdrawn Roc, who mostly sees to the stables, but for...
  11. Wilphe

    [IC] Bone Wars (for Sidewinder: Recoiled)

    Reconstructed from Google cache: 02-09-06, 06:17 PM #1 Committed Hero D20 Modern - [IC] Bone Wars (for Sidewinder: Recoiled) This is the play thread for Bone Wars, a western using the Sidewinder: Recoiled rules based on d20 Modern.PC Roster*enigmatic expatriate Rudolf Stromm (Charismatic...
  12. Wilphe

    Bother Around Beregost - Not really setting out to recruit right now but...

    Hello all, I have got the OOC thread from cache but the IC thread appears to be gone. I'm happy to post a summary of the action so far and carry on. Please check in Thanks edit: If anyone does want in, please drop a note on this thread Ta
  13. Wilphe

    Wilphe is absent

    Wilphe will be absent from the 8th to the 16th
  14. Wilphe

    Why are people so uncomfortable with PvP?

    Spin off from the "should you get XP from fighting your party members" thread. It's not a relevent question to the point of the thread, so I'll raise it here: Why do so many people seem to have issues with PvP to the point of...
  15. Wilphe

    Wilphe is back

    Moving house My access will be patchy until I get sorted again Ta edit: Moved, will be catching up with self.
  16. Wilphe

    Gestalt / AD&D / Differing XP Totals

    I've done a search*, and no one seems to have made this suggestion, I'm not sure if I am insane or heretical but: Has anyone tried mixing Gestalt Characters with Regular Characters? Has anyone tried gestalting more than two classes? Gestalt Fighter/Rogue/Wizard would seem to be close to 2E...
  17. Wilphe

    To everyone whose games I am in.

    I am moving house and going away so I shall be offline for about a week, or longer depending upon how rubbish NTL are. I will try and keep in touch during that time but you will see little or nothing of me.
  18. Wilphe

    So what's this Fighter/Mage/Thief thing all about?

    I have no 2E experience apart from BG and BGII, so it's rather odd to me. So, what's the archetype for a Fighter/Mage/Thief? What's the rationale? What would one look like in 3E or 3.5E?
  19. Wilphe

    GURPS WWII - Darkest Hour (Started but still Recruiting. No really)

    The Wermacht overan Poland in three weeks, Denmark in a day, Norway took a little longer but the issue was hardly in doubt. The blitzkreig decapitated France, and Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands were caught in the vortex and sucked down into darkness. Mussolini, eager to be in at...