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    Squid Game - w/ Spoilers

    We finished the 9 episode season on Netflix last night and I'm surprised a thread doesn't exist already because we're slow :) Spoilers allowed. Just using the first post as advanced warning What did y'all think of it?
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    need recommendations for character art tool for aphantasia artist

    Now and then you learn something new about your favorite person. In this case, my wife learned about aphantasia and that she's got it. Basically, she can't visualize. Like imagine a room with a ball and a light over your right shoulder pointed at it, and see how the shadow falls. She can't do...
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    Recommend Nintendo Switch games to play with remote friends

    My meatworld friends have Switch Lites. We've ordered Switch Lites. We are steps away from playing games with friends again, remotely. Along with Mario Kart, we're looking for games (RPG/dungeon crawl) that specifically can be played with friends (not strangers) across the internet. Some of...
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    Terrible idea: streaming services to only unlock the next episode a week after you watch the last one.

    I was listening to NPR talk about Disney+ and the Mandalorian's first episode which sounded more better than the trailers that left me wondering what the show was even about. Unlike Netflix, some of the streaming services only release a new episode a week at a time. So naturally, some people...
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    What makes you care about the hero in the 1st ten pages?

    I took chapter 1 to a critique with some published authors. Along for the ride were a couple of other people at my level, who'd just done the same. I got useful feedback (aka I need to fix stuff). Then the ridealong said, "why should I care about this character?" Now as a smart-alec who...
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    US Copyright ruling might change the advice we give people

    Just saw this article on a SCOTUS ruling about needing to complete registration of copyright before suing: Now none...
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    Physics for a friend....Twins Paradox

    I've got a friend who's got a question about the Twins Paradox: "Why is one twin seen as the traveler, moving away and returning at near lightspeed and aging slower? Everything is relative, is it not? Why isn't this scenario seen as both twins moving away from one another and back at equal...
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    Jurassic Park is WestWorld

    We saw the original WestWorld on Prime this weekend. Written and directed by none other than Michael Crichton Expensive park where guests enjoy the re-creations and then the killings started. Even has the same "if I don't move, it can't see me" moment.
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    Science: asteroid vs. hero physics

    I'm working on a short story due in a few weeks (for an anthology, not school). I need all my physicsful friends ideas to adjust the plan. The big climax is the hero has just bonded with her new super sci-fi space suit that will let her fly up and help protect the earth from asteroids and...
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    best app for image altering with Pen on Surface Book?

    Google has not helped me, and the audience here is varied and wise. I am working on a project for my blog where I shoot photos of space ship / action figure scenes on a home-made green screen set, and then wipe out the green and fill it in with a space or "nature" background. In the past, I...
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    2 Giant Robots fought and nobody's talking about it on EN World What's wrong with everybody!?! The bots looked great. The original Iron something from Megabots wasn't as stellar, but that's why they built a better one. The fights were a bit slow moving. I think with more dynamic pilots, there might have been...
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    Does England have strange bugs that leave necrotized wounds?

    It's been awhile since we've had a strange discussion about something strange. Here goes. true story: My wife's friend just got back from a vacation in England, where she got bit by a strange bug (no description), and ended up in the hospital. Then she got released, returned to the US and...
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    Legal: what kind of deal would our hero want from the FBI?

    After a long respite, I have returned with a weird question for us to discuss. I am writing the part in my novel where the FBI has become involved. Our hero is wanted for questioning about something. He's not the bad guy, nor is he working with the FBI as some kind of consultant that gets...
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    X-Files season 10

    First 2 eps have hit Hulu, so I saw them last night. It's been awhile since I saw the original series/movies. Why does it feel like they've reset the button on "weird stuff and aliens" exist. It's like neither one of them remembers seeing all the weird stuff or being on an alien vessel in the...
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    How do I add a new blog entry?

    It's been awhile since I added a blog post (2011 it seems). I cannot find a "add blog post" kind of button on the Blogs section of my profile. I can see all my old blog entries. I can add a reply to them. Have I lost a power or am I blind?
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    Are most gaming problems really out of game problems to be solved?

    This is an idea I had from reading the Lame Duck thread: In there, a group has a problem with a player who keeps making lame duck PCs and plays recklessly. Turns out, the player doesn't like D&D, and wants to...
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    The Man in the High Castle: Ep 1 (spoilers for this EP only)

    Just watched episode 1 of the Amazon original "The Man in the High Castle" Since I can't gorge on it, I'm trying the one episode/one thread style of discussion like we used to have, per Morrus' suggestion. I have not read the book, nor had I ever heard of it until recently. Thus far in the...
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    Is Global Warming real?

    I've been reading State of Fear by Michael Crighton. It's about Global Warming and eco-terrorists. I would preface this discussion with some things: generally speaking, pollution and mass destruction of nature are bad things. Arguing against global warming might be mistaken as support for...
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    Is the Magna Carta a big deal to UK folks?

    I was thinking about how some non-US folks don't get how gun rights are a big deal to some folks in the US. Then I was reminded by google about the Magna Carta's big birthday. In the US, we don't talk about the Magna Carta outside of history class. The rights designated therein don't resonate...
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    the guy behind the failed cthulu/monopoly Kickstarter got in trouble...

    I remember this topic hit big a while back. There was this kickstarter for "the doom that came to atlantic city" that some ace designers made and this guy got the gig to publish it. he got a lot of money, he used it to move himself and other non-publishing of the game things. Well, the FTC...