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    5E In our last session... some bits and bobs.

    I house rule that reincarnation in giving a new body also alters all physical and mental attributes which are rolled in order randomly. This has the potential of rendering a wizard unable to use magic. The deities of the world do not take kindly to someone killing themselves (destroying the...
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    Why do you play non-human races?

    Stereotypes for lack of better word, that you cannot be in real life. Elves are graceful would be natural ballet dancers. Dwarfs are tough and can take being beaten while dishing punishment in return.
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    The Mandalorian makes me want to play Star Wars again

    We had a better game when we dropped having the talents tied to classes. RAW only scouts could have the starship stealth talent. This made no sense. Surely a soldier who is a fighter pilot or a scoundrel who is a smuggler could have the same thing.
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    What are your favorite/non-favorite house rules?

    Yes all is at 1st level. It is part of chargen. To summarize my game, your character is the sum of your backgrounds. You start at age 5, choose backgrounds which have a variable aging until your character is between age 15-25. Sometimes you might be older than 25 depending on choices. For...
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    What are your favorite/non-favorite house rules?

    My players can divide their attacks between opponents. They might declare attacking the orc once but the troll twice. In game very few fight until death. There are retreats, taking prisoners for ransom, breaking enemy moral and so forth. Not entirely sure what you mean by tactical depth. I've...
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    What are your favorite/non-favorite house rules?

    @Lanefan My game also has additional attributes and uses far more skills than WotC does. Assume all physical attributes are a 15 a fighter would have 150 hp and 3 attacks per 10 second melee round or a +3 shots added to the rate of fire for a missile weapon. Assuming a weapon skill of 5 any...
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    Which of the Demon Lords put up a good fight?

    Pazuzu was not friendly when he sicced demonic harpies upon the party that excreted toxic bodily waste on the paladins's armors. Not only did it stink and cause nausea it also worked like a rust monster's attack and dissolved the holy plates, turning them into so much slag.
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    What are your favorite/non-favorite house rules?

    @Maxperson Yes and that amount would be all you have levels 1 through how far you play unless you take a "feat".
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    What are your favorite/non-favorite house rules?

    House rules we use: Hit points are constitution x10 at first level. This is all a character has unless choosing a "feat" when gaining a level. Choosing this particular "feat" means not having other "feats" which may be more desirable later on. Negative hit points, equal to your constitution...
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    What makes a monster terrifying?

    With regards to number two, I would not say unfair, but rather a more natural response. If your party is attacked by a monster and one of the party falls, why would the monster stay around to continue fighting instead of dragging the fallen off to a secluded place to eat in peace? Also using...
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    Suggestion short(ish) Thieves Guild scenario

    Mysteries of Westgate.
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    What do you allow in your games? (NSFW)

    I voted all. I explained to each of my players that anything they might see or read about in the real world can happen in game. Whether or not they find it depends on if they go looking for it or not. We are playing a fantasy "medieval" game where you often with much glee hack some poor sod to...
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    5E What Seven Classes Would You Keep? (and why!)

    I have four. Divine, Arcane, Mundane and Nonpareil (which is a combination of the first three) Together these DAMN heroes just ruin a nice dragon's day.
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    5E Rogue Advice

    Trust no one. Stab them in the back first, for, they most assuredly are planning on stabbing you. A portable hole is your friend. Poison is always an option. Honor does not put coin in your purse. A well placed bribe is a worthy investment. Being humiliated is better than being dead, do those...
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    Things to Find in a Large River?

    Bridge supports.
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    First Character Death

    @Garthanos Yes that could happen.
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    First Character Death

    Traveller; tearing the vacsuit open in vacuum. Laser rifles suck.
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    Yeenoghu Campaign ideas

    If Yeenoghu and gnolls are summarized by "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!", then perhaps the players should find a way to whisper harmony to muzzle the hounds.
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    How Was Your Last Session?

    One of my players created a new character. This is truly a first, for, he chose to use our house rules to min max. His character's charisma is 2 and comeliness is 1. His character was given the nickname of Triple G, after another player commented "The gangrenous genitals of a gelding are more...
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    Power and Society

    "Kill a few hundred people they make you a lord, kill a few thousand they make you king" Bronn Game of Thrones. All you have to do is to decide who you kill. One side will call you a hero, the other villain, traitor, etc....