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    5E Dark Sun Conversion: Campaign Guide & Monster Manual

    So did now download onto my mobile and check a bit: BIG BIG KUDOS on the MM conversion. I will totally steal this if I run DS in the future, I hope you do not mind. On the rulebook: I really like the explanations, what I did not like that much, was your take on Halfgiant (breaks BA), Thrikreen...
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    Fantasy cannibalism, a theoretical philosophy discussion

    Nethack (Rogue) anyone? You eat the corpse of Vecna - More- You have a hard time getting it all down - More - You feel seriously ill - More - You die of food poisoning. Coroc-B died on level 47 of the dungeon, killed by a tainted corpse of Vecna
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    Who is Gilbert Grape Eating?

    ROFLMAO Let us expand a bit on your D&D snackbar wagon, what other creatures yould come served on a stick? - Halfling on a stick (For the big hunger or if you are a troll :P) The classic rat on a stick bat on a stick Lets just simplify and enhance those two: Familiar on a stick! It comes...
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    Fundamental Problem Of Old Settings

    3.0 is a good baseline for FR, grey box which I heavily prefer for nostalgic reasons also. The timeline here is even helpful, you do not collide so much if you take one or the other if they are 100 years apart. So everything has two sides at least like always. But compared to other settings FR...
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    5E Dark Sun Conversion: Campaign Guide & Monster Manual

    While I cannot download your stuff atm, since ate work, I agree on your view of defiling and I did it similar in my attempt on homebrew. I added a necrotic damage circle and metamagic if some wizard decides to defile. What I do not agree so much is to not reskin. You can reskin the Mul out of...
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    DM tip - ask everyone what they're doing before you resolve what each person is doing

    I think OP did not only mean the loot=first comes first served situation. It is like situations when the party opens a door to another dungeon area, and it is unclear whether the door is now open and potential enemies can act because they see the party e,g, Player A : I open the door DM: ok...
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    Ptolus for 5e

    As long as it is only Bambi and not my little pony ...
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    Am I no longer WoTC's target audience?

    Yeah, but I am at a point now where I rather prefer they do not bring out 5e DS because I think that @Zardnaar s or my own homebrew would do the better job, more truthful to what DS was intended to be.
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    3.5 Character in conflict with DM - RP question

    Well then I do not understand how your problem came up. Maybe this has totally different and unrelated reasons at all in the end?
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    Wand of the War Mage, Rod of the Pact Keeper, and Saving Throw DCs

    Tbh. DIY is my best advice for DMs. As with CR of mobs, the rarity of magic items and their impact depends on context, namely what is the party composition, what is the general frequency of magic items what (if) are the predominant kind of opponents a party encounters. e.g. a wand of hold...
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    5E Natural Attacks

    Is there some 3e magic fang spell (druid) in 5e? Do not have books at hand atm. Was magic fang already in 2e also?
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    Ptolus for 5e

    I like urban settings also, but I disagree that they are easier to wing. Imho it is the opposite. Also you got to keep track of many more NPCs and facilities than on the countryside.
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    Fantasy cannibalism, a theoretical philosophy discussion

    Pun aside, in a proper darksun campaign halflings and thrikreen eat anything humanoid (well thrikreen might eat anything that moves), even their fallen comrades. This is about the only scenario, apart form some obscene horror setting, where this situation might come up at my table. And then it...
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    Fantasy cannibalism, a theoretical philosophy discussion

    There's when that ring of regeneration comes in handy .... yuck :P
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    New campaign - risks on editing the map while playing?

    Well, how to start, principally you did nothing wrong yet. Especially since points of interest seem to be ruins, so yu do not have to consider economics, relations etc. Let me see if I get the picture right: This is fantasy land after a kind of zombie apocalypse, everything invaded except some...
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    3.5 Character in conflict with DM - RP question

    Tbh, you better play several campaigns. Suggest to the smiling guy he convert the original DL Modules, so you can play a railroad campaign and get the other DM for your original story. I do not want to take sides, there are always two parties in a conflict and both have their point of view. But...
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    5E Homebrew: Story based Feats for converted 3.5 adventures

    Sylune’s Memory A detect magic at will and 1/rest true seeing? Not at all overpowered. Rather weak because needs context Mystra’s Silver Fire I nearly overread that the other feat is precondition, that one makes judging this feat harder. If it were takeable w/o the first it is extremely...
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    Dunamancy from Wildemount

    delete double post
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    Dunamancy from Wildemount

    Sounds a bit like Naruto Tbh would fit better for monk or Ninja, than for a fighter ?EK? . Otoh they have to have an arcane component. So here you see fluff and crunch in conflict! In other words it might be a nice class concept, but it is only viable in a special context, namely this gameworld.
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    Swarm of insects (spiders) -- How do you run this monster?

    Flaming oil is your friend ... And yea, the HP reflect that simply flailing around with your weapons is not causing much trouble to the insects, which in fact should have quite a big size individually to be affected by weapons at all.