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  1. Aris Dragonborn

    I love AD&D

    Thanks to you both. :)
  2. Aris Dragonborn

    I love AD&D

    I've got a couple of friends that I've introduced to gaming in the recent past, and they've been asking me when we are going to play again. I've been seriously considering 1E, but I'm not sure how to sell them on the idea. Anyone have any experience with this situation? Do I need a lengthy...
  3. Aris Dragonborn

    RE: Reveille

    Thanks for keeping us informed Mandy. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Rev, and your family. Get well soon, Rev!
  4. Aris Dragonborn

    The I'm not jealous of Gen Con attendees AT ALL thread

    I am jealous, but hopefully I'll be able to finally attend my first GenCon next year. Here's hoping anyway. ;)
  5. Aris Dragonborn

    Leaving for Gen Con in 1 Day...WHO'S EXCITED?

    Hate to burst your bubble, but this was a planning thread for GenCon 2006. Check the date stamps by the posts. :)
  6. Aris Dragonborn

    WotC: Goodbye, Loren Greenwood, hello Greg Leeds

    Maybe there's another possibility? What are the chances that this new guy is arguing for the scrapping of the GSL and the release of 4E under the current OGL?
  7. Aris Dragonborn


    Who are you? Why, You are a Gamer. Just like the rest of us.
  8. Aris Dragonborn

    Pathfinder OGL/3.5 RPG system from Paizo

    I'm with you there. From a quick look-see, it seems that they have done away with skill points entirely; it's now closer to SAGA, with each class getting a set number of skills at 1st level. For example: At every even-numbered level after that, you gain 1 additional skill choice. The...
  9. Aris Dragonborn

    Gary Gygax has passed. RIP beloved father of RPG's. (merged) has the news as well. Some of the best times in my life have come as a result of Dungeons & Dragons. Most of my friendships began because of Dungeons & Dragons. I owe quite a bit to this game, and to one man. Gary Gygax. Thank You Gary, for your creation, and for your dedication...
  10. Aris Dragonborn

    Request for Dedication to Gary Gygax

    Thank You Scott, and thanks to WotC as well.
  11. Aris Dragonborn

    Memo to all 4th Edition Designers and Developers

    I nominate 'Ridonkulus'. Also, 'Boss'.
  12. Aris Dragonborn

    How do you pronounce "Asmodeus"

    You forgot 'Lorraine Williams'.
  13. Aris Dragonborn

    RA Salavatore Books vs 4.0 E

    Huh. I guess I need to re-read the books again, because I don't remember that at all. Fighter10/Barbarian1/Ranger5 (according to A Ranger5 has access to 1st level spells, though there's a '0' in the spells-per-day chart. By virtue of a 17 Wis, he gets 1 bonus 1st, 2nd, and 3rd...
  14. Aris Dragonborn

    RA Salavatore Books vs 4.0 E

    True, he uses Faerie Fire and Darkness, but these are innate racial abilities - not granted spells. The FRCS also gives him Dancing Lights, but I can't recall him ever using these in the novels. The current FR year is, what, 1374 DR? He was born in 1297 DR, so he's 77 or thereabouts.
  15. Aris Dragonborn

    How do you pronounce Drow?

    Ditto. My friends and I called them 'Drow' (rhymes with 'grow') for so long, that when we discovered the correct pronunciation, we thought it sounded just a little silly.
  16. Aris Dragonborn

    How do you pronounce "Asmodeus"

    I chose 'other'. oz-MOE-dee-us. Though I think that 'oz-moe-DAY-us' sounds pretty cool too.
  17. Aris Dragonborn

    Game Night, by Jonny Nexus. You need to read it:)

    The sample chapter is awesome. This is definitely going on my must-buy list. Well done, Jonny!
  18. Aris Dragonborn

    D&D 4E Not going to 4e

    I won't know if I won't be going to 4E until I get the core books in my hot little hands and take it for a test run, to see what it's got under the hood. If it works for me, I'll most likely switch (easier and faster prep time? Sweet!) If it doesn't work for me (and from what I've seen from...
  19. Aris Dragonborn


    Why do you consider Ranger's clumsy? Considering the fact that they live in the wild, and hunt for food, I would think that they would be skilled in moving quietly and camoflauge. Both skills are dependant on Dex in 3E, so the Ranger should have a mid- to high Dex score to be successful in using...
  20. Aris Dragonborn

    Dragonborn - will you ban them?

    Eh. I'll give Dragonborn a chance, just like the Tiefling, but if neither work out, I'll just replace them with the half-orc.