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  1. Skytheen

    DT Butchino's To Boldly Go...

    I would love to find a copy of the PDF featured in this old blog post... Any idea where one might find this? Sadly the link in the post is dead.
  2. Skytheen

    A List

    Is there a list or database of EVERY Pathfinder publication made or soon coming (including 3rd party publications)? The Paizo products are easy to find, its all the 3rd party that's hard to gather.
  3. Skytheen

    Noob Question: CR

    The CR for an NPC of a race from the core selection and of the core selection of class = their Level -1. Is that correct? (example human fighter level 7 is a CR6). I'm looking at the NPC published in the Cheliax, Empire of Devils Companion book (pg 31), Pontia Runario, to use as an encounter...
  4. Skytheen


    Looks like the Pathfinder novels are about to be official. The Geek Flag: Pathfinder Novels!
  5. Skytheen

    Wayfinder #2 is out Looks fantastic!
  6. Skytheen

    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 Feats to Pathfinder Feats

    There are some feats in the 3.5 PHBII that I wonder if they have an equelivelent to in Pathfinder (yet). Melee Weapon Mastery, Steadfast Determination, and Slashing Fury. Are there feats that do these things in Pathfinder?
  7. Skytheen

    Hollow World

    In all the Pathfinder Chronicles and modules and adventure paths has there ever been any hint or mention of a hollow world inside Golarion?