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    Dr Strange 2: In the Multiverse of Madness (Spoilers)

    My assumption is that the Darkhold never showed her any such versions.
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    (+) Help Develop an IRON DM Spin-Off!

    A quick look at this thread tells me that posts 1, 2, 4, 6, 11, 13, 14, and 15 are pretty much where I was at personally. But I’m just one guy.
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    (+) Help Develop an IRON DM Spin-Off!

    Sorry to disappear on you guys but I’ve taken on an intensive writing project that has really taken a toll on me for reasons. I won’t be able to continue to participate in the development, nor serve as a judge, but I would like to compete (and will probably need a distraction). I think the...
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    (+) Help Develop an IRON DM Spin-Off!

    We really wouldn’t want it to run into the tournament, though. Especially because this is intended to be a longer format. My guess is that three judges could finalize the rules and get the recruitment started within a couple of weeks. The question is going to be: How many people can commit to...
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    (+) Help Develop an IRON DM Spin-Off!

    If any of you are still interested in helping to make this happen this year, now’s the time.
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    (+) Help Develop an IRON DM Spin-Off!

    Well, the time has come to see if anyone is actually interested enough in this to help make it happen. Any takers?
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    Dr. Strange 2 Trailer Madness

    Yeah. I don’t think they would actually show Tom Cruise in a teaser even if he was really in the movie. I mean, this is Marvel we’re talking about! They go to great lengths to scrub people out of their trailers! There’s no way they put a reveal that in a tv teaser! They just spent a year making...
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    D&D General Is there a D&D setting that actually works how it would with access to D&D magic?

    I would suggest that the Order of the Stick comic does a better job of it than the tippyverse. The tippyverse (as far as I remember) kind of assumes that the only choices that have ever been made in the setting’s historical evolution have been purely optimal. But actual historical social...
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    Hex Flowers - Random Tables, but with a'memory'

    This so good, I’d like it again if I could. But, hey, OP has posted again in this thread, so at least there’s a workaround.
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    D&D General Is there a D&D setting that actually works how it would with access to D&D magic?

    I think such a setting would look a lot like our real, techno-mancy-based world. Almost every single one of us carries around and uses a smartphone with no real understanding of how it functions or what human and environmental resources were exploited in its construction. We have means of...
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    D&D 5E Is D&D 90% Combat?

    Of course. But, more importantly, they are examples. The examples are what teach the game and the portion of the game that these examples teach is mostly terrible. Those who learn this part of the game through these examples are thus incentivized to ignore it.
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    D&D 5E Is D&D 90% Combat?

    I might also add that many (if not most) of the example bonds provided to us are terrible. Usually, they could be better expressed as a personality trait, ideal, or a flaw and they are almost always so far removed from things that matter to the game that integrating them into a campaign in any...
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    AD&D weapon speed vs 5e turn based combat?

    For, say, a four person party, that’s up to 8 minutes per round. Plus the time it takes to resolve all of those actions. Plus all of the NPC actions. That does not sound like a quick combat to me. In any edition. Nevermind that some players simply will not be put on a clock like that. Or will...
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    D&D 5E Is D&D 90% Combat?

    The last session I ran was 100% resolution of downtime actions. The next one or two probably will be, too. That’s not the norm, though. Most of the games I run involve actual adventuring, combat included. But I run theater of the mind and most of my combats are quickly-handled skirmishes...
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    D&D General What's Bardier than a Bard?

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    D&D 5E Why do cities in Faerun have fortified walls?

    Until the umber hulks show up.
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    Have you ever bought a product that just wasn't... right?

    I bought a second print run 5e PHB from the local Hastings (before they went out of business) that was bound with pages upside down and backwards. Or the cover was. At least they were in order. This was not an unexpected surprise, though. They had a bunch of them bound that way, and I really...
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    The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

    I don’t think I can agree with your assessment of these facts as conclussively excluding the presence of hobbits during the Second Age. In the first place, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that “the east” in this context means the Anduin Valley, whence came Sméagle. That was in the Third...