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  1. RSKennan

    Release A New Game Design Tool-The Mosaic Oracle

    If you're interested in Game Design, Lurianic Kabbalah, or Lambda Calculus, Mosaic may be of interest. It's gonzo. From the Mind of a madman... This game will teach you Real Magic (tm). This package contains two pdfs, and some images. Previously code-named Tribute, this is the playable Game...
  2. RSKennan

    D&D 5E New Campaign Starting: Morningstar at Midnight- Skype and Fantasy Grounds, Saturdays at 11:30 EST.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I couldn't find a game recruitment forum. Hey everyone. I apologize if any of this information is redundant or obvious for the place I'm posting it. I'm casting a wide net with this recruitment because I'm short on time. I thought I'd have more people...
  3. RSKennan

    D&D 5E Please share your 10th level and higher 5th edition encounters and adventure hooks....

    I'm running an extremely loose short term sandbox game for my group while we wait for one of our players to get situated in his new job so we can return to our normal GURPS campaign, run by another member of the group. It's not meant to be too serious or hardcore. We play online, using Fantasy...
  4. RSKennan

    Immersive Healing- A gritty system of injury and healing for D&D 5e.

    I've played 5th edition as is for a while, and almost every aspect of the game is absolutely perfect for me. It's the best edition so far. For one of my current gritty campaigns, however, the natural healing rules aren't working to make combat scary enough. Therefore, I wrote up some gritty...
  5. RSKennan

    Immersive Healing- A gritty system of injury and healing for D&D 5e.

    I have just uploaded Immersive Healing- A gritty system of injury and healing for D&D 5e. to the downloads area. This is a system to make the prospect of combat scarier, and to make injury more of a long-term concern in the absence of healing magic. This makes magical healing more miraculous...
  6. RSKennan

    I have an important game of D&D this weekend. I could use help.

    This weekend, my wife has agreed to let me run D&D 5e for her and my son. She's historically been uninterested in gaming, but seeing my passion for 5e has gotten her mildly interested. She's played other times but always quit before the end of a session. She loves scifi and fantasy TV and...
  7. RSKennan

    Can a mod please move my thread?

    I posted a thread here: It should have gone in House Rules. I apologize. Thanks in advance.
  8. RSKennan

    Alternate Wild Magic Surge Tables

    Some of the results on the default table are silly, and not suitable for games with a more serious tone. It also seems like custom Wild Magic Surge tables would be an interesting way to reinforce a setting's themes. I plan to make my own, but has anyone come up with their own alternate Wild...
  9. RSKennan

    D&D 5E Morningstar: Age of Majesty; a campaign setting for 5e.

    Way back when Wizards held the Setting Search that produced Eberron, my own golden age setting, "Morningstar" was one of the 11 chosen to move onto the second round. It was later published by Goodman Games. It had a very small but loyal fanbase, but it never really made a splash. I bear most of...
  10. RSKennan

    Tribute- an Effects-Based RPG based on Kabbalah. (under development)

    I've been working on Tribute -my holy grail game- for years, but it's only within the past few months that its finally begun to come together. A few years back I hit on the idea that I wanted an Effects-Based system that allowed you to build your own effects from scratch. It would have to be...
  11. RSKennan


    This may seem like a stupid question, but since I just got my packet: where are the spell write ups? So far I've liked what I've seen, but spells will help to seal the deal for me. Edit: for those who have seen the spell write ups, what do you think?
  12. RSKennan

    How many abilities do you prefer to track at once?

    By "abilities", I'm not talking about the D&D abilities of Strength, Dex, etc., I'm talking about things you can do- actions you can take. Feats, class features, maybe even skills... but mainly I'm asking about combat. 4e streamlined abilities a lot with powers, but in 3rd edition, there were...
  13. RSKennan

    D&D 2E [2e] What made 2e great?

    I know that it's probably the least favorite edition, at least in some quarters, but I will always love 2e. I'm thinking of doing a tribute game. Not quite a retro clone, but stand alone game that attempts to capture some of the feel, flavor, and magic of 2e. I'm not really doing professional...
  14. RSKennan

    I'm making a video game demo alone, learning as I go.

    Hey everyone, I've been posting about this elsewhere, but I thought that you guys might be interested too. I think I'm on the right track. A few weeks back I was playing Vendetta Online, and wasn't having much fun. I liked the flight mechanics and the physics, but the overall experience was...
  15. RSKennan

    D&D 4E 4e Gestalt- am I missing anything?

    I'm going to run a solo game for someone, and I wanted to let him play the game as closely to the way it is designed to play out as possible, even though he doesn't have a party. I don't want to run 3 or 4 NPCs so he can have a party (one is fine), and I don't want him playing them either. I'd...
  16. RSKennan

    Just Got Fantasy Grounds II, looking to play 4e D&D before running my own campaign.

    As my title says, I'm looking to play in a D&D 4e game to both teach me the 4e rules, and refresh my memory of how Fantasy Grounds runs. I'm not picky about the setting or style of play, but I like to roleplay if everyone else is into it and would prefer to play something mostly by the book to...
  17. RSKennan

    Here's how dragonborn look in my setting

    I drew this a few years back.
  18. RSKennan

    Table rules to use in your game.

    Before I read the DMG I was thinking about using dice (d10s or even percentile dice) to represent a figure's elevation. I also thought that using an additional fudge die (a d6 marked with 2 +s, 2 blank sides, and 2 -s) to represent a positive or negative elevation at sea or in burrowing...
  19. RSKennan

    Giving items a recharge roll.

    I don't spend a lot of time in the house rules forum traditionally, so forgive me if this has been suggested already. Also, I *still* don't have my books, so my understanding of how things work might be flawed. I've seen a lot of fellow simulationist types having trouble with magic item...
  20. RSKennan

    The Half-elf Con bonus: A possible explanation.

    I don't know for sure since I haven't seen the books, but I was just thinking- there's a reason half-elves might get a con bonus. As they grow up, either among humans or elves, they're outsiders until they grow into their own skin. Among humans they have something to prove to their peers-...