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  1. pdzoch

    D&D 5E Do you have any social encounter only (or combat-light) D&D adventure recommendations?

    I know D&D can support social encounters as well as combat encounters, but most my experience with modules have been with have either been combat intense or trap heavy if there was no combat. Social encounters were rare except as interludes to combat, information seeking, and shop/rest...
  2. pdzoch

    D&D 5E How the Camel lost its hump

    How the Camel lost its hump When the camel was first introduced as a mount in Dungeons and Dragons, it was a premium mount with preferred abilities over a riding horse in desert environments. However, over the years, with each subsequent edition, the camel has been relegated to a poor man’s...
  3. pdzoch

    D&D 5E Food weight consumption and weight of food/rations

    So I am about to run a campaign with an austere environment and I am refreshing my memory on the rules for food and water consumption, travel distance, weather impacts, and exhaustion. However, I’ve come across a weird incongruity in the rules regarding feeding requirements. According to the...
  4. pdzoch

    D&D 5E Mystic Power Cards Template for Magic Set Editor

    I have just uploaded Mystic Power Cards Template for Magic Set Editor to the downloads area. The powers for the new Mystic class from Unearthed Arcana seems like it would benefit from some discipline power cards, much like the spell cards I made for the spell casters in D&D. And like my spell...
  5. pdzoch

    Donations From Downloads

    I really like the sharing and collaborating that occurs on this site. The download section is full of very useful stuff. I think it was great that Morrus added a "donate" button option to the downloads. Additions to the download section seems to have slowed down, and I'm not sure if the...
  6. pdzoch

    Creating Badges

    What is the process for creating new badges for the site?
  7. pdzoch

    How to build your own 28mm ship for tabletop RPG cheap

    I recently build a set of 28mm ships for my D&D campaign at sea. I used foam core and made each boat for about $1. The guide provided will build a modular ship that can have up to five different configurations, ranging from a flatboat to fullsize cog. The pictures below are some of the ships I...
  8. pdzoch

    Character Level Disparity in a group

    I am curious about what a game master allows (or requires if the case may be) level disparity between characters of the adventure group. Do you expect or require all characters to be the same level? Or do your players fall behind because they miss a game or tow, so they are a level behind the...
  9. pdzoch

    Kickstarter Hood: Swashbuckling Adventures in Sherwood RPG Kickstarter

    Fearlight Games has announced a new RPG set in the world of Robin Hood. Written by Bryce Whitacre. The game features: A Swashbuckling Stunt system where you name each and every one of your attacks, defenses, and actions! Improving all 3 after every session. A Story Pool system that works...
  10. pdzoch

    Class Icons

    Below are the class icons found in the PHBs. I have also included icons for handful of subclasses and the new Artificer. I use these for the spell card template in the downloads section, but I have provided them here to share for general use. I can add others if there is an interest in them...
  11. pdzoch

    Files swapped in the download section

    I do not know if anyone else had this problem, but I check a recent update of mine in the download section and discovered that my attached files had been replaced with different files. I deleted them and re-uploaded my files again. Anyone have that problem or glitch? Hopefully, the deletion...
  12. pdzoch

    Psionic Power Cards

    I am working on a template for psionic discipline power cards much like my template for the spell cards or the old 4 edition power cards. I am using the Unearthed Arcana material on psionics and the Mystic as reference material to support. Attached is a sneak peak on the work I have completed...
  13. pdzoch

    EN World Microbadge at RPGGeek and BoardGameGeek

    There is a new microbadge for fans of EN World over on RPGGeek and BoardGameGeek for those who frequent that site also.
  14. pdzoch

    D&D General Improved Treasure Card Maker for the Magic Set Editor (MSE)

    I have just uploaded Improved Treasure Card Maker for the Magic Set Editor (MSE) to the resource area. I've created a new treasure card maker using the Magic Set Editor. This set is very customizable and is an improvement on the older treasure card maker I original posted. There is an image...
  15. pdzoch

    D&D 5E What to do when the Player's Handbook falls apart

    Other than sending it back to WOTC for a replacement (which I think is the best idea). However, I decided to convert the Player's Handbook into a binder style book (like the old 2nd Edition) so I could add the Unearthed Arcana materials, the errata sheet, and any additional 3rd party player's...
  16. pdzoch

    Tips on keeping track of enemy spells

    Anyone has any tips on keeping track of enemy use of spells? I am running an adventure that is full of several different magic casters (clerics, wizards, warlocks, bards). As I am putting the encounter together, I am noticing the abundance of spells to keep track of (and master as I have never...
  17. pdzoch

    Update widgets in the Downloads Resources page do not appear to be working

    It does not appear that the Recently Updated widget is working on any of the Downloads pages. The widget has the same data as New Downloads. Is this something that can be fixed?
  18. pdzoch

    Benefits of playing D&D

    One of the players in my game group ( a senior citizen who came into the hobby about 5 years ago) was surprised to find himself defending his enjoyment of the game to his peers. He does recall vaguely the stigma that was once applied to the game, but know little about it as he was not involved...
  19. pdzoch

    Sale Print and Build Card Model Kits by Dave Graffam Models on sale

    Dave Graffam is running a big sale on his printable terrain kits for a couple of days. He has more than 100 sets marked down to just $1 each. They are posted on the Wargame Vault website.
  20. pdzoch

    New Treasure Cards

    I've redesigned my treasure card template using the magic set editor. The new template makes use of the data fields in magic set editor to better sort and organize treasures and rewards. The new template include fields for rarity, treasure type, value, and weight in addition to title...