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  1. HRSegovia

    Chill 3rd Edition Envoy Sheet

    I have just uploaded Chill 3rd Edition Envoy Sheet to the downloads area. I was exstatic when I heard Chill was getting a 3rd edition, and it did not disappoint. The light/dark tokens do for Chill what cards and chips did for Deadlands. But let's face it, the Envoy Sheet sucks. So I made a...
  2. HRSegovia

    Race: Gummi Bear (Posted during the playtest - now made some adjustments)

    Whenever someone makes this race for D&D, it is often taken quite facetiously - and even as a nuisance ("Why must someone always do this? Why make one?). However, I have personally run this and found the race can be taken quite seriously and often is beloved by other party members...
  3. HRSegovia

    What was your introduction to D&D

    Story removed. An updated one exists elsewhere.
  4. HRSegovia

    OK Guys! Back with another Character Sheet!

    It's time to go back... WAY back. Check out the Classic Dungeons & Dragons Character Record Sheet updated to 5th Edition.
  5. HRSegovia

    Added a DM screen. Thoughts?

    Yeah, what the title said. Any thoughts or ideas? Things you'd like me to add or may not understand?
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    HRSegovia's DnD 5e (Next) Character Sheet

    We surpassed Swords and Wizardry and reached 1,000 downloads! This is now the #1 downloaded file on EnWorld! You guys are AWESOME! THANK YOU! Don't forget to leave a comment and rate so others know what to expect of this character sheet from your perspective.
  7. HRSegovia

    HRSegovia's Pocket RPG

    South Texas is not the arid wasteland it is made out to be. Much of the Rio Grande Valley is laden with green rolling hills of mesquite and cactus. It is not a hospitable place, but it is certainly not a barren one. My weekends were spent with my cousin Alex in Hebbronville: a once bustling...
  8. HRSegovia

    Some adult fun for the older crowd (not what you think)

    From Dragon Magazine
  9. HRSegovia

    Thoughts on bringing back Weapon Speed in 5th ed

    I loved this aspect of initiative in 2nd ed and was sad to see it go. It's a simple element of realism (maybe not REAL but it felt like it), that adds just a touch of feeling like you're actually holding the weapon in your hand when rolling the die. What are your thoughts on using something...
  10. HRSegovia

    Wondrous Items

    Everyone knows to check a bag and see it it's a Bag of Holding (hoping it's not a bag of devouring). Figurines are often animated pets. We all love the classics and can no longer do without them, but Wondrous Items have lost their wonder. What are some of the ways to reward, yet surprise your...
  11. HRSegovia

    Proposed Character Sheet

    I tossed this into the Wizards community, and only had a couple of responses so far (I only posted it yesterday). But one of them was quite in depth and the points were keen. I made adjustments accordingly. However it would be nice to get more perspectives, so I'm coming here as well. I...
  12. HRSegovia

    Life of Pi

    I'm not sure if this has already been covered, but I feel it is a terrible oversight by everyone involved in the making of the film (and those who defend it). Coming from someone who owns the book, it can sometimes set the hairs on the back of my neck on end when I see something so well...
  13. HRSegovia

    AFMBE Skill Question

    The fact that I cannot find this a common issue with an easy answer anywhere else makes me feel I may be overlooking something simple, but I cannot (for the life of me) discover what it is. The question concerns maintenance skills versus engineering skills (IE: Mechanics vs Engineering...
  14. HRSegovia

    Does Belief in Fictional Realms Cause Fictional Realms to Become Real, Physical Place

    [This was my research final last semester. Thought you guys might like the idea; and next time you play, think about this.] René Segovia Eng 104 TR 8:00 Dr. Oldknow 11/20/2011 Does Belief in Fictional Realms Cause Fictional Realms to Become Real, Physical Places, Worlds, or...
  15. HRSegovia

    Help in writing

    I found that often running a game has little to do with knowing the rules and much to do with telling a story (at least in my successful games). Sure, often players are introduced as children with search-kill-loot-search-kill-loot, but as one gets older, one often finds the best games are those...
  16. HRSegovia

    Venting: Some people are too sensitive...

    This doesn't really fit anywhere... just venting. Taking a couple of online courses. Part of our requirements is to engage in online discussions via their forums. The topic was the lack of exit plan when it came to freeing the slaves. Mission accomplished, but what now? They had no...
  17. HRSegovia

    So tired of GM'ing. Want to play for once.

    ...and I'm willing to give the online thing a shot. But I have a problem. MONDAY, TUESDAY 0000-0700 Sleeping 0700-0800 Getting kid ready and taking kid to school 0800-0900 Exercise 0900-1030 Online Class 1030-1100 Picking kid up from school 1100-1400 Multipurpose (Homework, Time with Family...
  18. HRSegovia

    My Contribution to Character Sheets

    There are many out there, and with good reason: the official one is a piece of crap. So here's my take on the sheet. What it ISN'T: - fancy or pretty - convoluted - official - For everyone What it IS: - Organized - Magic Friendly - Obviously cheaply made on Excel Odd things you'll notice...
  19. HRSegovia

    RE-SKINNING: Who needs rules to customize?

    It seems the days if imagination are dead and players need rules to tell them what to do. If we can break away from that, perhaps we can remember why we played when we were young and reconnect with our characters. When creating a character, the rules are always about substance. What can your...
  20. HRSegovia

    Practical Jokes

    Most of us have read the netbooks, but what are some of the practical jokes YOU have pulled-off in a game? Here was last night's 2nd ed practical joke: Our party members are still in their stages of learning and the wizards attend the local college and the fighters train in the yards. One of...