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    Why would a spell called 'Tongues' allow you to read and write a language you don't know? Surely, the clue is in the name.
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    Reincarnate and its interpretation

    My assumption is that, as you are only adding the Str/Dex/Con ability adjustments of the new body, you only remove the Str/Dex/Con ability adjustments of the old one. If you don't have to take the -2 Int and -2 Cha from being reincarnated as a Half-Orc why should you suddenly become more...
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    Silly Silence spell trick? (Constraining its emanation to only your square)

    Hmm, interesting. My main quibble would be to consider a cloak a 'solid barrier'. If a cloak is a 'solid barrier' wouldn't we then get fireballs that burst around someone wearing a cloak, rather than scorching them?
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    Little Known Rules of D&D

    Why would a rogue want to know what's in dungeons? If he's smart he'll know not to go anywhere near one.
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    If we all rolled the normal way for stats, how come he has three 18's?

    OK, the impression I get from this thread is that rolling for stats is bad and point buy is good. I disagree. Point Buy is boring and seems to produce clones of the same character. Rolling dice is fun (by comparison, at least). When I started my current 3.5 game I went with point buy. Not...
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    Little Known Rules of D&D

    He probably just made them up 'cos I can't remember a string of feats like that.
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    Shapechanger etc.

    I take it your DM wouldn't go for a Weretiger with only one alternate form?
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    How about merging the fighter and the monk?

    OK, let's see. Fighter with d8s for HP, lower BAB, better saves and flurry. Bonuses to damage and AC + evasion, etc. IMO the better saves and flurry (presumably with any proficient weapon) easily balances the d8 and lower BAB. Add in the rest of the powerups and it becomes rather unbalanced...
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    Party Artificer Needs Help in Combat

    Not so much a combat boost per se but see if your DM will allow an item that grants an equipment bonus to UMD (much like the +5 to HIde from Elven Cloak). Mine wouldn't but yours might and would seriously help you use items.
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    Party Artificer Needs Help in Combat

    I played an Artificer and I tended to infuse Bane a lot, including on my crossbow, then shoot stuff. Very much a supporting class, even more so than the Bard, perhaps, but Bane/Ghost Touch/Flaming, etc are all useful infusions and enhance the party's kickassability. Keeping the Warforged...
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    Cost for NPC to cast a spell..

    DMG p107. Spell level x caster level x 10gp + XP cost x 5gp. Minimum for a Wish = (17 x 9 x 10) + (5000 x 5) = 26530gp. If you want the Wish to create/improve an item, you pay double the XP cost for the item + the 5000XP for the Wish.
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    Heroic Frequency

    There are some other adventuring parties. In fact, the PCs have followed and ambushed one of them (they later murdered, in full view of many members of the public, the rogue who got away). There is also a Hunter's Guild which attracts groups of Bounty Hunters. In my earlier 1e campaign in the...
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    Hydras and AoOs

    Wow, that is tough. I guess your players are acomplished combat monkeys with huge ACs. Then again, it makes the first two PC attacks VERY dangerous rather than making many attacks a bit dangerous. Be interesting to see how your players fare.
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    Rules Questions

    Sounds to me like either; a) they are yanking your chain. 'Taking the piss' is the appropriate British term. b) they are playing with a significantly different set of rules to those to which you are accustomed. c) a bit of both (most likely, in my opinion). I'd advocate having a sit down with...
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    DMs and player character

    IMG I originally set some guidelines for the characters (basically, restricted to Core) and have now decided to outlaw templated races (half-dragon/half-fiend) as they don't fit my vision of my world. Not a problem for my players; just means that the two players with half-dragons will have to...
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    Attn Pkitty and other DMs of high-level games: encounters on the road at high-level?

    My group have begun teleporting wherever they want to go. I have helped this along by having their sponsor/employer send them where he wants them to go, leaving them to teleport back. This means that I don't generally have to think about random travelling encounters and can concentrate on the...
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    What do you think of dying at level 1?

    Sounds to me like your Scout player doesn't do a lot of cooperative gaming. Maybe all it needs is to have a group chat to discuss what your gaming expectations are - nothing heavy, just some friends and a couple of beers (no idea how old you guys are but I'm sure beer features somewhere).
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    What would you do - xp award

    I can understand some DMs wanting their party to get equal XPs whether they actively participated or not. Makes encounter setting much easier if they are all the same level. But what do you do if a player doesn't turn up for a couple of sessions (holiday, illness, away with work or whatever)...
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    Handling a large group?

    My experience of GMing for 8 PCs (and a couple of cohorts) is that the evening is all about combat. They don't have time for anything else. Luckily, in some ways, the players stagger their arrival so I can get a lot of the out of combat stuff done before the group is assembled.
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    The worst intro I remember wasn't for stupidity but just for plain old bad luck. Had a new player in our Bushido game way back. First fight with a bunch of Bakemono, his Bushi died in about the second round. Luckily, character creation was staggeringly quick and somewhere around the 6th round...