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  1. Aris Dragonborn

    Attn: Morrus or Henry. I would like to change my screen name, please.

    Hey there. I would like to change my forum name, if possible, from Aris Dragonborn to Stormdragon. It's a screen name I've been using at a number of other message boards, and I've grown quite attached to it, so I'd like to use it here also. Thanks for your time, guys.
  2. Aris Dragonborn

    Author Pushing His Book?

    Ok. In this thread here, damiynn talks about a book he's just read, called A King's Quest. Fairly good review, if a bit enthusiastic. But look closer. 1. He joined today (10/28/05) 2. His first (and only) post was to talk about this book. 3. His user name, damiynn, sounds a lot like the name...
  3. Aris Dragonborn

    Story Hour Question

    Just wondering if posting short fiction is allowed in the Story Hour forum. Game related fiction, but not necessarily from a campaign. Just a short story set in a campaign setting (i.e. Eberron). Thanks.
  4. Aris Dragonborn

    Mystery Forum

    For about the past week, I've noticed another sub-forum link under the General RPG Link, next to the Off Topic forum link. Not all the time, but just every so often. It is labeled as the 'Mystery Forum', yet when I click on the link, it takes me right back to the main ENWorld page. I'm not quite...
  5. Aris Dragonborn

    Dark Legacies: Mix-up in the ENWorld Store

    Wasn't quite sure where to put this, so I figured Meta was the way to go. In the ENWorld Store, it seems that the Dark Legacies Player's Guide is listed twice. One of the listings, posted on 9/7/05, features the artwork from the Dark Legacies Campaign Guide. You can see it here. Anyway, I just...