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  1. francisca

    D&D 5E Monsters for 5e Basic rules monsters. I'm planning on reading through the download, and if it seems okay, I'm going to run an adventure for some old friends at gencon. Problem is: I need monsters. There was the a preview a few days back with some monsters from the starter set, so I have that to go by. I was...
  2. francisca

    Its been 3 Years......

    ...since we lost Gary. Remember him well, toss some dice for him, read some of his words, play the game, whatever. Just remember him. We miss you Gary, and we continue to play in memory of you. On a personal note, its also been 3 years to the day since I taught my oldest son how to play the...
  3. francisca

    Why is being "in print" important?

    I've often seen posts, and heard in actual conversations, people mention that a system being in print is an important factor in deciding whether or not to play (or continue to play) a particular game, or edition of a game. For instance, I know a few groups around town who didn't want to go to...
  4. francisca

    Charity: Mario marathon

    Several of my co-workers are in the midst of a Mario-centric videogame marathon, raising money for the ChildPlay charity. You can check it out here: Super Mario Marathon If you have a little extra cash, please consider donating.
  5. francisca

    Google Wave?

    Why was I added to the ENW Google Wave? I don't want to take part, and don't want to be included as a member of it. Please remove me from the wave. EDIT: I "unfollowed" it, but I never joined. I'm kind of bothered by the fact that I was just added without asking.
  6. francisca

    Swords & Wizardry: Ice Tower of The Salka

    Review of Black Blade Publishing’s, “Ice Tower of the Salka” Author: James Carl Boney Art: Chad Thorson, Matt Finch, Dan Bezio Editing/Cartography: Matt Finch Executive Summary: A solid dungeon adventure, good for an afternoon or three of fun for experienced adventurers. This adventure was...
  7. francisca

    The Random Esoteric Creature Generator

    I recently had the opportunity to review a new Goodman Games product, aptly named "The Random Esoteric Creature Generator For Classic Fantasy Games and their Modern Simulacra". In short, it is exactly as titled and why you might expect from such a product. That is to say it is a book of tables...
  8. francisca

    Firery Dragon Template For CC Digital?

    A while ago, someone hosted a handful of PDFs which had squares that you cut/pasted the FDP CC Digital counter images onto for easy printing. I've lost my copy and my google-fu is failing me. Can anybody help a brother out with a link?
  9. francisca

    Circvs Maximvs = Wannabee Third Reich

    What a bunch of freaking Nazis! If KenM thought they were bad here, he should drop in over there! Especially that one admin, IUD or whatever his "Kate"-lovin, goosestepping, punka$$ login is. I'm outa there and never going back! Maybe they'll appreciate me when I'm gone!
  10. francisca

    Thieve's World ticket up for grabs - FREE!

    The ticket has been spoken for!
  11. francisca

    Double mailings on PMs

    Just FYI. The last PM I got generated two e-mails to me, each with the same timestamp. Dunno if it is a belch or something worse, but I thought I'd mention it.
  12. francisca

    Got my Badge and Tickets!

    Subject line says it all! The envelope arrived today, Hoody Hoo! Anyone else get their stuff yet?
  13. francisca

    Hell freezes over.... a related story, ENWorld poster, "francisca", will be joining a DragonLance campaign. When asked why he would do something which is surely a sign of Apocalypse, francisca quipped: "Well, DL1&2 really put me off of DL back in the day. But I'm going to eat my own dogfood and be open minded...
  14. francisca

    Looking for 2 DMs in Purdue/Greater Lafayette Area

    Hi- Are you a DM who never gets a chance to play? I'm currently looking to form a group of 5 or 6 DMs who meet once a month to play, with DM responsibilities being rotated on a monthly basis. So, you would only be required to come up with something to run once every five or 6 months. I...
  15. francisca

    Dungeons and Dragons Online Alpha Test registration is open

    Read about it here: Edit: fixed the link
  16. francisca

    Half-baked rotating DM idea

    OK, so I'm currently running a 1e greyhawk campaign. Enjoying it greatly. However, I don't want to give up 3.5 altogether. (I had decided last fall to give up DMing 3.5 for several reasons, which are irrelevent to this topic.) So I have this idea of finding 4 other DMs who are running...
  17. francisca

    Reaper Warlord Miniature Game Who is playing?

    Last year at GenCon, me and two buddies happened into three seats at a table running the then unreleased Warlord Minature game by Reaper. Next to the KoDT live reading, it was easily the funnest event I participated in. It is a great game, and I look forward to playing it again someday. My...
  18. francisca

    never mind

    I can't count.
  19. francisca

    Loveable Knuckleheads!!

    Due to life getting in the way, my wife and I had to cancel tomorrow night's game. Here is one of the responses I got: :D Gotta love dedication!
  20. francisca

    Old Judge's Guild via DTRG

    Has anyone bought any of the old, scanned JG stuff from DTRPG? How are the scans? I'm eyeballing a few of them.