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  1. Zulithe

    D&D 5E MM sold out on amazon

    Oh, indeed yes it is io9 -- but I found it on because they embed articles that have some crossover appeal across their sites. (Thanks, Nivenus) As for the print problems, I got mine from amazon and it had no such problems. I hope the issue is not as widespread as some are...
  2. Zulithe

    D&D 5E MM sold out on amazon

    Nice job 5e team! I'm sure amazon will restock in short order but it's nice to see D&D manuals actually cleaning out stock especially a monster manual, wow! Not saying this is unheard of, but it's still a nice sign of the interest the new edition is garnering. Wonder if the recent Kotaku...
  3. Zulithe

    D&D 5E Are you RETURNING to D&D

    I'm back after playing nothing for several years. I bought some pathfinder books and read them, and I thought they did a very fine job, but because of a combination of things -- where i was in my life, where my friends were, the 3.75E factor of it all -- i never got to really sit down and play a...
  4. Zulithe

    D&D 5E Where are the PDFs?

    Well, I'm a little confused about exactly what Dungeonscape will be offering, but I will definitely be checking it out as it becomes available and evolves. If it's the ultimate digital reference source that you can use at the game table, that's great. Though that would be excellent in the short...
  5. Zulithe

    D&D 5E Where are the PDFs?

    I don't want PDFs, because they are difficult to use at the game table and even as a referene they are 'slow' compared to say, a wiki or somesuch. We may never get a fully decked out wiki with EVERYTHING in the books (though that sure would be great at the game table) but how about very...
  6. Zulithe

    D&D 5E So I got my PHB. My impressions...

    Can't get over that halfling art... whoever approved that has my scorn. Among the worst pieces in the history of Player's Handbooks. In 4E it was the terrible gnome art... this round it's halflings. That first piece of race art in the front of the PHB should be something that really inspires...
  7. Zulithe

    D&D 5E [Merged] D&D Next/5E Release Schedule Threads

    My how those budgets have shrank since the 4e days.
  8. Zulithe

    D&D 5E [Merged] D&D Next/5E Release Schedule Threads

    Pre-ordered everything... except the minis, which i need to see more of. It's spread out over several months so not much of a sting. And amazon has nice discounts on some of it already. I am very excited for the new edition but I'm bummed that WotC is so mum about everything. i am expecting...
  9. Zulithe

    D&D 5E Tyranny of Dragons Panel at PAX East Today

    Well... the art is pretty nice. Tyranny of Dragons could be interesting, I do like that they are hitting heavy with the iconic beasts out of the gate, but disappointed otherwise. It's time they start ramping up the hype for the new edition. I want to know what their plans are for companion apps...
  10. Zulithe

    D&D 5E Mearls doing new playtest today

    Heh, I just downloaded the April version... great to know we are getting another update so fast!
  11. Zulithe

    D&D 5E Exclusive D&D Next Campaign available at Gen Con Only

    This is great, but making it a Gen Con exclusive is not :( I would even buy a digital version if available.
  12. Zulithe

    D&D 5E DDN Concept Art

    Would someone at WotC please put the hair back on those halfling's poor feet? The madness brought upon us thanks to 4th edition must come to an end. I just CAN NOT understand the desire to remove such an iconic and loved attribute. It made them distinct. Now they just look like small humans...
  13. Zulithe

    D&D 5E Is 2014 official?

    I would like to see a pre-release softcover rulebook at this year's gencon similar to what Pathfinder did with its open Beta. DND Next has a long way to go, but this long beta period must be having an impact on 4th Ed's sales. Should embrace next's in-flux status and put some books out there for us!
  14. Zulithe

    Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter

    I know I only have myself to blame, but the last ten minutes, the entirely of would not load. Kept 503ing. So... guess I missed out! Oh well :( I'll just go play guild wars 2... I don't have a gaming group now anyway T__T
  15. Zulithe

    Reaper Miniatures Kickstarter

    So, are the reaper paints in the kickstarter a good bargain for a newbie painter? I always hear people talking up citadel paints for their quality. Will I be disappointed in the reaper paints?
  16. Zulithe

    The playtest has begun

    Desperately trying to fetch my playtest pack from WotC... man this is painful :)
  17. Zulithe

    Pathfinder 1E is a big Pathfinder surge on the way?

    All of the marketing and articles about dndnext seem to be saying "we are working on a new edition of D&D that will let you play all of the old editions at the same time, cool hu?" And while I DO think that sounds cool, and i'm really interested in how they are going to accomplish this, from a...
  18. Zulithe

    WotC Seeks Unity with a New Edition

    Really excited to be following the developments over the next year. I'm glad they seem to be taking a more open approach to its development, something that worked out great for Paizo and Pathfinder -- it really helps the community feel like it's "their" game when they have a voice in things. So...
  19. Zulithe

    D&D 5E Art direction and 5th edition

    I remember walking into a fantasy game store at the mall when I was a kid in the very early 90s and seeing all of those books. The entire store thrilled me, just the idea of these adults who were interested in this sort of thing was a very foreign concept to me, but the covers of the books and...
  20. Zulithe

    D&D 5E Art direction and 5th edition

    While it is further down the line of importance than game mechanics, art design in tabletop gaming is immensely important. It helps set the visual groundwork for all of the locales and races, inspires DMs and players to create memorable settings and characters, and helps catch the eye of...