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  1. thormagni

    Expedition to the Gencon Vendor Hall: What are YOU Shopping for?

    Ohmigod, I LOVE the Battle Top. I have never seen one of those before but it would be SO useful for my games. As for Gen Con, I have decided in years past that I will only buy things at the show that I normally can not find in stores or online. And my wife has convinced me that I shouldn't put...
  2. thormagni

    Merry Christmas!

    And Happy MLK Day. And Valentine's Day...
  3. thormagni

    Gen Con 2009

    I wrote my Gen Con preview story for today's paper, which was mostly a sidebar for a story about people playing more games 'cause the economy stinks. Here's a link to the story: I was a little disappointed. In the editing process the Magic: The Gathering entry in the...
  4. thormagni

    Gen Con 2009

    I wrote my Gen Con preview story for today's paper, which was mostly a sidebar for a story about people playing more games 'cause the economy stinks. Here's a link to the story:
  5. thormagni

    Father's Day

    Some guy you may know on Father's Day. I just posted this to our homepage this morning. Enjoy. Photo slide show
  6. thormagni

    Gen Con 2009

    I just got an e-mail tonight that my M&M events for Gen Con have been "accepted for consideration." So, no times or tables yet, but it looks like we are moving in the right direction. I asked for 3-7 p.m. slots on Thursday and Friday, but that isn't set in stone.
  7. thormagni

    Pirates are industry's biggest customers

    Found this interesting: Pirates buy tons more music than average folks All of the usual caveats apply about "copyright owners get to decide how their IP is distributed not pirates" and "piracy is illegal, immoral, etc." and "if we wanted pirates help distributing content, we would ask for it"
  8. thormagni

    Gen Con 2009

    Well, clearly it would depend on whether it was the D20 version of Barbie & Ken RPG or AB&K 2e. I always thought there were too many classes in AB&K 2e and it really got away from the core of the game system. Plus they had all those extra Ability Scores. Everyone knows that the real B&K only...
  9. thormagni

    Gen Con 2009

    Homicide 101 (Bureau 13) Thursday 9 a.m. GM: Freedom isn't Free (Mutants & Masterminds) Thursday 3 p.m. Devils in the Details (Hunter: The Vigil) Friday 10 a.m. GM: Freedom isn't Free (Mutants & Masterminds) Thursday 3 p.m. Champions Offline! (Champions) Saturday 4 p.m. Spies, Lies, Fire in...
  10. thormagni

    Gen Con 2009

    Bah! My kid is bigger than I am (height, not width.) So I guess I would be in for anytime before Saturday/Sunday. Did you get a link to the event catalog? This should be it
  11. thormagni

    Gen Con 2009

    I'm in for whenever and if we can get Saturday or Sunday, the boy would love to go too.
  12. thormagni

    Gen Con 2009

    I would love to True Dungeon. I woulda done it last year with you guys, but I had to GM one of my games. No games this year, so I am down. But I'm likely to be tied up with family stuff this weekend, alas, so I cannot wait by the Web site to register.
  13. thormagni

    10:1 illegal downloads

    I agree with the point you are making here. With my own home laser printer, it still costs me about 3 cents per page to print a given book, or about $3 for every hundred pages, plus another $5 or so to get it spiral bound. I bought Reallty Deviants "Technothrillers: Revised Edition" for True 20...
  14. thormagni

    PDFS--Of the WotC Court Case

    Clearly, that is absolutely correct. It is also the reality that with a 15 minute effort, anyone can find free copies of almost any piece of intellectual property they want -- books, movies, news stories, music, games, etc., etc. I cannot conceive of a future where that reality changes, unless...
  15. thormagni

    PDFS--Of the WotC Court Case

    It is an interesting dilemma and not an unusual one, unfortunately. Apparently, several years back, the Miami Herald decided to aggressively go after the "pirates" who were posting Dave Barry columns on newsgroups, as soon as they were published. The trail led to a 14-year-old in the Midwest who...
  16. thormagni

    Gen Con staying in Indy through 2015

    Read all about it, read all about it. AP moved a story this morning: Story link
  17. thormagni

    Is this the death of the GOP?

    I tend to think these sorts of things are cyclical. Much as the Dems didn't die in 1994, or 2002, I don't expect this to be the end of the GOP. In fact, going out on a limb here, but I think a fickle public in districts that were very close this election, but largely broke Democratic, will...
  18. thormagni

    Origins 2009

    If I can even get time off, and come up with the money, I'd like to do Friday/Saturday at the show. Maybe head up on Thursday afternoon and leave Sunday afternoon.
  19. thormagni

    Merry Christmas friends

    Merry Christmas all. I am up early on Christmas morning, anticipating the pitter-patter (more of a clump-clump, really) of my kid's feet on the stairs. Christmas carols are on the stereo and it is just awfully peaceful here. However, I soon expect the imminent shredding of innocent wrapping...
  20. thormagni

    The Last Adventure

    I should like to suggest it was my fault. Why, exactly? I dunno. But I just wanted to share in the recriminations. I'm not sure if I like my character much, to tell you the truth. I kind of pictured him as this blunt, surly, misshapen dwarven monk whose life in a monastery has robbed him of...