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    Anima: Enhance Time 5

    Would an Anima need to take Quicken Spell to make an Enhance Time 5 Anima Power? Also, is there any way to use APs to increase BAB or learn feats? It seems Mind Modify might work, but I'm not sure. Thanks!
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    Infinite Paper

    How would you go about stating/pricing a magical item that produced infinite paper? The issue I'm having is with the paper sticking around permanently. Of course, such an item could also theoretically be used to produce any valid item with Creature Nature 0, permanently, which ought to inflate...
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    Cr 1/2

    I've a character that is about to come to "own" one to three CR 1/2 creatures. These creatures were created using the Elements of Magic rules system, which isn't really relevant except for the fact that they will have a "Helpful" disposition to me. In the case of very low Int scores, this is...
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    Elements of Magic for PCGen?

    Has anyone talked about making an EoM dataset for PCGen? I don't know how possible it would be, as I'm unfamiliar with PCGen and EoM changes the spell system fairly significantly.
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    Anybody live in Virginia?

    And can answer a phone call? Here's the scenario: In the modern campaign that I run, I often give my players real world information and contacts. For instance, when the PCs received the Bad Guys' contact information, I gave them a real phone number. When they called this phone number (using...
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    Halloween Costume

    This Saturday my girlfriend and I will be going to a Halloween Dance, and we want to dress as "Dungeons and Dragons." One of us will be dressed as a Dungeon, and the other a Dragon. The problem is we don't know how to do this effectively. How do two people dress like "D&D" in a funny manner...
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    Need critique for my combat system

    I run a heavily modified d20 game, and I've started to overhaul the combat system. What do you folks think of the rough draft below? For context, I use the Buy the Numbers system, which means there are no classes. Players purchase abilities/skills/feats/etc. directly with XP. In addition, I use...
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    What do I run?

    Over time, I have developed a truly stunning amount of house rules. At this point, I'm really not playing D&D at all. Now, whenever I get a new player, I have to say "We're playing D&D, but this and this and this and this are all different". I'm interested to see if there's a published system...
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    DM Program + RttToEE or Banewarrens

    I'm starting a campaign that will be melding Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil with the Banewarrens (replacing the Crater Ridge Mines). Since I have a large group (9 players), I'd like to use some software for managing combats. When I ran RttToEE a few years ago, I used DM's Familiar...
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    9 players. Help.

    So, I've created a new RttToEE/Banewarrens campaign with some of my friends. And by "some" I mean "nine." I'm looking for help in how to run this sucker effectively, but let me give you some background, in case it will help. Everyone in the group, including me, lives on the same floor of a...
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    Beefed up combat

    So I'm starting a new campaign with a mix of new and old players, and after a short "introduction to D&D" adventure, many of the players asked if there was any way we could make the combat more realistic, more complex. Now, this was coming from people who have never played D&D before or...
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    RttToEE vs. Shackled City

    So I'm going to be starting a new campaign here at college, and I'm looking for something that I can run at the drop of a hat. The group members are all friends that I live with (college dorm), so this would be a "whenever" type of game that we can play at the spur of the moment on a Thursday...
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    Shatter Saves

    Using Shatter on an attended object would give the object a Will save with it's posessor's modifier, right? So shattering a cleric's holy symbol is more difficult than shattering a fighter's sword?
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    Undead Alter Self

    Can an undead wizard use Alter Self to turn into an incorporeal form, such as an Allip? Incorporeal is under "special qualities," but is also a "physical quality" of the allip. An allip that isn't incorporeal would be by very nature something really different, don't you think? I wonder what...
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    Best Low-Level Spells

    So, I'm making a 3rd level wizard, and I have access to every single book published by Wizards. What do -you- think are the most important spells to make sure I know? I'm not specialized, so any school is open. I know the staples like Magic Missile, Charm Person, Identify, etc., but what about...
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    Activating a scroll

    How long does it take to activate a scroll? I can't seem to find it anywhere in the DMG, so am I to assume that it's the casting time of the spell? Ie. Scroll of Summon Monster II is a full-round, Scroll of Fireball is a standard action, and Scroll of Feather Fall is an immediate action Thanks!
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    Australian Higher Education

    Hello any and all Aussie readers! I'm thinking of studying abroad in Australia for a semester, but I'm having trouble deciphering your higher education lingo. In the United States, generally: There are two semesters, Fall and Spring. We take summers off. We take 15-17 credit hours each...
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    Campaign in a Box

    Summer is almost over again, and I will be returning to college this fall. I'm thinking of running a campaign with a few of my friends who haven't played before, but I'd like to minimize work for myself. You know, I have classes and all that, too. ;) So I'm looking for a campaign in a box. One...
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    Some D&D Chatter

    Hey folks! I have a blog, and I just noticed the last three posts were about D&D related fun. Thought some of you might enjoy them, so here's a link: Be forewarned, it's not all about D&D, and there is some politics and such. After the fiasco of Erik Mona's...
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    It seems like a character can have quite a few friends these days: Feats: Leadership Undead Leadership Dragon Cohort Item Familiar Obtain Familiar An apprentice, who has advanced above level 5 and now follows you as a cohort (DMGII) Class Feature: Animal Companion Other: A business (DMGII)...