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  1. Jack Simth

    Anyone play Neverwinter Nights?

    I've got it installed... never really tried the multiplayer portion of it, though. How's it go?
  2. Jack Simth

    D&D 3E/3.5 (3.5) What can you command undead to do?

    And here I always thought it was simply an interesting way for an enterprising caster to discourage people from making use of Mindsight, Detect Thoughts, and a few other things.
  3. Jack Simth

    Item of Infinite Magic Missiles?

    purl=]DMG guidelines[/url] exist for this purpose. Note that many, many spells don't really line up with what the guidelines say, as noted in the guidelines themselves: Command-word (usable by...
  4. Jack Simth

    3. x Does D&D have a "Watcher" creature?

    There's a construct called the Zodar you might consider looking up. They're almost indestructible (only one form of attack can affect them at all), and they're specifically noted as sometimes attaching themselves to an adventuring party and following, doing nothing but observing.
  5. Jack Simth

    The most epicest artifact?

    Ah, but if Unique is so binary, then everything big enough to see with the naked eye is unique. Plus, of course, there's the little issue that language is fluid, and even Merriam-Webster has integrated partial uniqueness into their definitions:
  6. Jack Simth

    Feats for your pet friends

    Ah, but familiars don't actually gain hit dice! The relevant lines are (emphasis added) And: (emphasis added) So when someone sets off a Blasphemy, your familiar is treated as though it has your hit dice for purposes of how it is affected, it doesn't actually have them (it still has the...
  7. Jack Simth

    Feats for your pet friends

    If the critter has Pounce, then the lowly Improved Unarmed Strike does interesting things to their damage output (they're considered light weapons, which means the beast gets iterative attacks with them).
  8. Jack Simth

    D&D 1E Creative Uses for 1e Spells

    Let's see... I don't have perfect recall, but didn't Haste age you a year, and wasn't there a clause about anything that makes you age forcing a system shock roll to avoid death, making Haste the lowest-level save-or-die in the game?
  9. Jack Simth

    The most epicest artifact?

    Eh, to an extent it can be. Technically, all physical objects bigger than about a single molecule are unique in some manner, as it's pretty much impossible to make two objects truly identical - and thus, basically everything is unique. However, most people don't care about the specific angle...
  10. Jack Simth

    What Type does a Simulacrum have?

    Not clearly specified in RAW. Most run under the (reasonable) assumption that it's the same type as the base creature, due to the "duplicate creature" bit under the effect line, and that there's nothing that says "Construct" or any such.
  11. Jack Simth

    permenant animate object, possibilities

    It is a specific build theoretical optimization exercise off of the old WotC forums. Which is to say, you're quite correct.
  12. Jack Simth

    D&D 3E/3.5 best thing to fill the vest slot 3.5

    Vest of Resistance is in the Magic Item Compendium; Belt of Magnificence is in the Miniatures Handbook.
  13. Jack Simth

    D&D 3E/3.5 best thing to fill the vest slot 3.5

    I'm rather sure it's a pun, yes. Slot can refer to a place to put things (magic item slot), but in a more general sense it can also refer to a gap in something.
  14. Jack Simth

    D&D 3E/3.5 best thing to fill the vest slot 3.5

    For whom both Dex and Int are traditional dump stats. 4*36,000=144,000. 5*36,000=180,000. 6*36,000=216,000. You pretty much need very MAD, and rather short on magic item slots, for it to be worthwhile... especially if the "common effects" rule in MIC is in play and you can commission your...
  15. Jack Simth

    D&D 3E/3.5 best thing to fill the vest slot 3.5

    You recall correctly. Yes, but it's only optimal if: a) You've got a lot of stats you need boosted, and b) You're short on magic item slots. Otherwise, waste of resources.
  16. Jack Simth

    Disintegrate does not affect trees

    Well, it theoretically exists on some amount of physical media somewhere... but I would greatly prefer if you did not disintegrate all of the servers that ENWorld is hosted upon....
  17. Jack Simth

    D&D 3E/3.5 [3.5] Polymorph & Dismissal

    As a couple of others have mentioned, it looks like you're accidentally looking at 3.0. The 3.5 Polymorph spell includes the line: (Emphasis added)
  18. Jack Simth

    Disintegrate does not affect trees

    Hey, they may be a little green, but the puns do grow on you.
  19. Jack Simth

    Disintegrate does not affect trees

    Nah. After you cast Animate Object on it, it becomes an Animated Object, which is a construct, and NOT immune to Disintegrate.