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  1. tenkar

    Jeff Talanian Announces 3rd Edition of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea to Kickstart in June

    Here's a brief summary I was able to jot down while talking with Jeff: Here's the summary I was able to make: ASSH to likely be renamed Hyperborea. Simpler name. Easier branding. Tastes great. Less filling ;) The new edition will be split into 2 core books. There will be a new cover and new...
  2. tenkar

    Looking for a Good First Timer RPG

    Go figure. After gaming since 1980 or so, I've finally found a woman that is actually interested in gaming. She picked up my Dresden RPG books today, got excited, then realized it was like 600 pages between the two volumes ;) She wants something she can read and get an understanding of what...
  3. tenkar

    Forked Thread: The Impasse

    Forked from: The Impasse Uhm, what arcade skills are needed in most MMORPGs? They aren't shooters. Clicking a hotbar does not an arcade game make. Now, if you want to make the claim that the abilities in the hotbars draw some sort of indirect line to powers in 4e I can see some resemblence.
  4. tenkar

    Quick Dragon Roots Review: Issue Zero

    First I want to thank Rocco for bringing down the PDF price so that myself and others can sample his wares before possibly opting for the print version. It was a gentlemanly gesture and much appreciated. Now to the quick review ;) The revisit of Social Class from 1st edition's UA brought back...