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  1. jinnetics

    Any Star Wars RPG news?

    I haven't been able to detect any Star Wars Roleplaying Game news out of this year's Gen Con. Can anyone fill me in?
  2. jinnetics

    Gaming in Youngstown, OH?

    Hello, everyone. Does anyone know of a good gaming shop in or very near Youngstown, OH? I may be moving there in the very near future....
  3. jinnetics

    Youngstown, OH, group (and good game shops!)

    I am faced with the possibility of moving to Youngstown, OH, in the very near future. The only folks I know there are my wife's family, and they won't be gaming! :cool: Anyone looking for a 4E game, and know a good game shop in the area?
  4. jinnetics

    Shadowfell, the Abyss and Orcus (H1 SPOILERS)

    I'm going to run Keep on the Shadowfell as a campaign intro, with an eye on Orcus being the ultimate villain at campaign's end. I also like the idea of introducing the Shadar-kai as minor villains - so the Shadowfell will definitely come up again, maybe with the Keep as a gateway. The thing is...
  5. jinnetics

    Outrageous Pocket Grimoire: Arcane prices

    I like Green Ronin. A lot. But can anyone tell me why the Pocket Grimoire: Arcane fetches such outrageously high prices on the secondhand market? Do an eBay search or Alibris and you'll see what I mean ... :confused:
  6. jinnetics

    Just got my Starships of the Galaxy!

    Yes that's right Borders had Starships of the Galaxy a day before it was supposed to be released....which meant my 40% off Borders Rewards coupon that expires today didn't go to waste! They didn't have D&D Elder Evils, though, but that just means less temptation. Now the book dutifully hops...