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  1. Laurel

    Evil & Good PCs working together

    In my current game we have a rich story line and a party that seems to mesh well. We have most of the group in kind of a grey mid point on the alignment spectrum and then one heading towards good and one towards evil. I have heard verbally from other gamers how it is impossible or 'just never...
  2. Laurel

    Kung Fu Hustle - Supreme Bard

    So I finally watched Kung Fu Hustle last night (yeah, yeah behind on the movie and tv watching), and though the movie was funny in a very strange and odd way it also had the best visual of the coolest bard I have ever seen! For those who have seen the move it is the #1 death duo who play the...
  3. Laurel

    Penalty for debilitating headaches?

    So my current PC gets these horrible debilitating headaches that strike at random. I have gone back and forth mostly with myself and also through the d20 modern forums on how to achieve this. I am playing in a Sidewinder type d20 past campaign, and we are using flaws. I tried this route, but as...
  4. Laurel

    Inopportune Migraine- Penalty for flavor

    Not sure about balance on a possible character flaw idea, or even if this could be counted as a flaw: Inopportune Migraine Anytime a 5 or lower is rolled on the dice the character is incapacitated for 1d4 rounds. This effects all rolls for attacks, skill checks, and saving throws. If a...
  5. Laurel

    KOA Maps

    Here's a B/W map of the world at large
  6. Laurel

    Dara: Traitor, enemy, ally?

    Late one night Justice, L'Aurel and..((Whoever wants to be there))........ sit in the small library of the ancient palace of Hywrl. A small ecletic collection of chairs have been pulled around the blazing fire. L'Aurel sits reading a book that she has been studying lately. With barely a noise...
  7. Laurel

    Babies/Pregnancy (not AA & Jaine kid related)

    Redoing the thread that I had started as babies- this one not about AA & Jaine’s kid (s)—we have enough centered on the different aspects of that situation. Here we are discussing possible pregnancy and any PC issues/throws/chances/consequences/whatnot of that. I am going to add some from...
  8. Laurel


    Figured since we had the room and this may become a pertanent subject figured I would start this :) So how does chance decide.....
  9. Laurel

    Jansten's Message

    Quick question: What was the official wording of what Jansten wrote in fire? I slacked and didn't write it down :P
  10. Laurel

    Character Portraits

    Since we have them thought it might be cool to place them in one spot :) Maybe also make it easier for trasfer to the website. Also let's us update whenever we want with any better finds or simply the changing view of the characters. Ah- Mr.Mod feel free to change the category.... :)
  11. Laurel

    Chapter Titles

    So goes with general- things that are KOA but not a big topic... say the wonders that are chapter titles? By the way we are at chapter 29 - “Warhorns at Caer Albion” obviously starts at our arrival for battle at Caer Albion. I had switched over the date thing when we moved to T days and so...
  12. Laurel

    Easy question about vest/shirts and penalties

    I just want to make sure I have this right: All armor even simple leather has a max dex and an armor penalty. Vestments, shirts, cloaks and the like are all infinite max dex and no penalties, right? Does it depend on what the item is or how it is described? Some of the descriptions on...
  13. Laurel

    Summon companion/familiar?

    Not sure if this should be Rules or House Rules, if incorrectly placed please move it on over Thanks! :) Question 1: Summon Nature's Ally lets you summon a creature from a list, but does it allow you to summon a particular creature from the list? Example: I have a giant eagle that obviously...
  14. Laurel

    Movie quotes- broken record or inspiring

    There are lots of movie quotes that become larger then the movie itself, and you can hear people quoting the phrase without having seen the movie. It seems in American pop culture those quotes often gain common everyday usage with thier own understood meaning. I can only think it also happens...
  15. Laurel

    Tis the season for repeat movies

    Has anyone else noticed how many stations start Dec. 1 with a set program of holiday movies..... Just last night I saw the Charlie Brown Christmas special, and it got me thinking about those repeat movies I dread seeing the ads for and those I look forward to. I know lots of people love it and...
  16. Laurel

    Arrows of Healing?

    Two questions in one: Firstly, I don't have my book with me and was wondering if anyone had Masters of the Wild and could tell me how much the arrows of healing cost? My other question is about the arrows themselves.... does it strike anyone else as strange that a person is shooting an arrow...
  17. Laurel

    maybe be a very basic bow question

    This may be a real easy one, and I may have missed it going between DMG and PHB-- If so sorry for the stupidity a head of time: A mighty bow adds to attack and damage (+ unlimited?) A composite can add up to +5 of strenth bonus to damage. Can they be stacked?
  18. Laurel

    Any armor with more then +8 dex allowed?

    I have a ranged attacker who will shortly have a dex bonus of +10. My question: Is there any armor out there that will not limit the bonus to +8 (best I could find so far)? The character can get some rings and what not, but for some reason the whole idea of running into battle with no armor...
  19. Laurel

    Agreements between lawful good and evil

    Hope this is the correct forum and yes it is another question(s) about Alignment and agreements between conflicting alignment. As a lawful good character can you make an agreement with a lawful evil/ any evil character and thus become allied with them? Does it matter if you are agreeing to...
  20. Laurel

    Finding the best cartoon of all time

    A different thread got me to thinking of those long gone days of cartoon express. Over the years I have found myself defending certain old ones and critizing certain new ones, and so I ask: What would you vote best 80's cartoon? What would you claim is the best 90's cartoon? Are there any...