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  1. Theo R Cwithin

    D&D General Creatures Obscure & Underused

    What are some relatively obscure monsters that have piqued your interest, but that you've never actually used/encountered? Bonus: If you're aware of an adventure or encounter that features someone else's favorite obscure beastie, let them know. I've got several favorites like this, but one...
  2. Theo R Cwithin

    What makes a good map good?

    What makes a good dungeon map good? I'm referring to the design of the map itself, not how it's presented (eg, Logos v Schley or whatever) or what inhabits it. I'm curious to hear specific pointers, abstract "theory", links to articles, whatever. Sample maps to illustrate are also helpful...
  3. Theo R Cwithin

    D&D 5E Detecting concentration?

    Is there a RAW way to tell if a caster is concentrating on a spell? I've just assumed an Insight or Arcana check or something, but can't find a specific rule for it. A few situations to illustrate: PCs try to discern if a sketchy NPC is concentrating on a charm or scry or something during a...
  4. Theo R Cwithin

    Gamer Locator?

    Is the "Gamer Locator" geo-tool no longer available? It's mentioned in the header text of the "Gamers Seeking Gamers" forum, but I can't find the actual locator.
  5. Theo R Cwithin

    D&D 5E How do you play-test?

    tl; dr: I'd love to hear from those who do play-test, how do you do it? How do DMs around here play-test their own encounters/adventures in general, when you're not tailoring to a specific table? I'm most curious about "alpha" play-testing, i.e., when an interesting encounter idea pops into...
  6. Theo R Cwithin

    New posts appearing on wrong page

    In the last few days, I've noticed that new posts have started showing up automatically, which is nice. However, these updates append to the bottom of whatever page I'm reading, instead of staying hidden until I get to the last page of the thread. The new posts show up again in their proper...
  7. Theo R Cwithin

    'Primitive' campaign adventure seeds?

    Could any kind enworlders provide some brainstorming help for adventure seeds, scenarios, puzzles, and/or intrigues suitable for a "primitive" setting? By that I mean: - World is young (so no ancient ruins, etc) - World is feral (dinosaurs, giant apes, cavemen, carnivorous plants, etc)...
  8. Theo R Cwithin

    What are your gaming stuff mishaps?

    Somewhat inspired by MerricB's thread on RPG collections, I got to thinking about just how much RPG stuff I don't have-- and why. * Do you have a story-- sad, frustrating or amusing-- about gaming stuff gone missing over the years? * Have you lost gaming materials that were especially...
  9. Theo R Cwithin

    flyover of Earth, view from ISS

    This... time lapse view of Earth from ISS is. . . . wow. . . .
  10. Theo R Cwithin

    Spontaneous (core) divine casters in PF?

    Are there any huge problems (of balance, compatibility, etc) with applying the UA Spontaneous Divine Casting rules to core divine casters in PF? I'm still pretty new to PF. I don't see any obvious issues at first glance, but if someone has actually tried it out, I'm curious to hear about...
  11. Theo R Cwithin

    It's a trap! Builds that seem good, but...

    In a recent thread, someone brought up the notion of "trap" builds, for which th efollowing defintion was given: Patryn went on to present an example: Now to my mind, a dual-wielding spring attacker sound awesome... but it's not immediately obvious to me why it's not. So what I'm curious to...
  12. Theo R Cwithin

    Dark Crystal sequel news?

    Supposedly, "Power of the Dark Crystal" comes out sometime this year (whether that's a good idea is another question!). However, the latest info I can find anywhere is about a year old. Has anyone heard any recent news on this at all?
  13. Theo R Cwithin

    Quizzes bugs?

    I'm looking at the main quiz page (via "Do Stuff" --> "Quizzes"). On the right-hand side, under "My Quizzes", when I click on "Quizzes I took" I see all five quizzes listed, though I've only ever actually taken one. When I click on "Quizzes I created", I see the ones Morrus created.
  14. Theo R Cwithin

    user name change request

    Is it possible to get my user name changed to "Theo R Cwithin"? If not, no worries, and if so, thanks!
  15. Theo R Cwithin

    OotS #0789

    OotS #0789 is up: "Also, his popularity has waned"
  16. Theo R Cwithin

    D&D 3E/3.5 (3.5e) Travel domain granted power question

    For reference, here's the text to the Travel domain granted power: I've highlighted the word magical, because that makes it sound like it excludes mundane effects (eg, underwater, normal spider webs, grappling, paralytic poisons, etc). I'd always just assumed it was effectively "gain the...
  17. Theo R Cwithin

    LotR from the badguys' perspective

    This hit slashdot today, and I didn't see it referenced here on ENWorld already, so here it is again. Apolgies if it's a dupe! A Russian paleontogist, Kiril Yeskov, rewrote Tolkein's story from the perspective of Mordor, and published it in 1999 as "The Last Ring-bearer". It's recently been...
  18. Theo R Cwithin

    Arcane/divine and special abilities

    Is there ever any need (in the core rules) to distinguish between arcane and divine spell-like abilities? The default assumption is that abilities based on spells are based on the sor/wiz version. In that case, is the SLA or Su somehow considered "arcane"? If an SLA is based on a...
  19. Theo R Cwithin

    E6 SRD - community project

    Please see post#2 for latest progress on this project. @Gilladian , @NotZenon , @Nifft , @Lord Xtheth , @Sir Robilar , @Ryan Stou'n I'd like to officially get this going in the open, so anyone who is interested in participating, feel free to jump in (or just watch with bemusement). In this...
  20. Theo R Cwithin

    Appropriate place for development?

    There seems to be some momentum toward getting an E6 SRD project going. Is there an appropriate place here at ENWorld to organize a smallish project like that? It's in General for now, at least until we see if it gets some steam. If it gets off the ground, though, I'm roughly guessing the...