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  1. thormagni

    Father's Day

    Some guy you may know on Father's Day. I just posted this to our homepage this morning. Enjoy. Photo slide show
  2. thormagni

    Pirates are industry's biggest customers

    Found this interesting: Pirates buy tons more music than average folks All of the usual caveats apply about "copyright owners get to decide how their IP is distributed not pirates" and "piracy is illegal, immoral, etc." and "if we wanted pirates help distributing content, we would ask for it"
  3. thormagni

    Gen Con staying in Indy through 2015

    Read all about it, read all about it. AP moved a story this morning: Story link
  4. thormagni

    Merry Christmas friends

    Merry Christmas all. I am up early on Christmas morning, anticipating the pitter-patter (more of a clump-clump, really) of my kid's feet on the stairs. Christmas carols are on the stereo and it is just awfully peaceful here. However, I soon expect the imminent shredding of innocent wrapping...
  5. thormagni

    4th edition thoughts (very cursory)

    We tried a little 4th edition last night and I had some initial thoughts. Caveats: This was our first attempt. I didn't know the rules outside of the abbreviated version that came with the adventure. We started late, only had two encounters and there was lots of rule-book-flipping going on, so...
  6. thormagni

    Why does John McCain hate D&D players?

    Seriously. Apparently this is a theme they are hitting on, calling out Obama supporters as D&D players. I mean, what the heck is this about? I certainly haven't seen that gamers are particularly liberal, or that in today's day and age that being a game player is somehow bad?!? "It may be...
  7. thormagni

    Green Ronin opts out of 4e

    I think Green Ronin is arguably the second-best publisher of 3.0e and 3.5e material (behind only Paizo, in my opinion.) And they are currently my favorite game company. They announced they will not be supporting 4e except for a character folio. Good news for my Mutants and Masterminds and...
  8. thormagni

    Cleaning the shelves

    Well, not cleaning exactly. Maybe winnowing just a bit. I decided that while we were in New Albany visiting my dad, we would run over to the Book and Music Exchange in Louisville and see what kind of trades we could get. I basically cleared my shelves of almost all of my D&D 2nd edition...
  9. thormagni

    Game Day in New Albany

    Thought folks might find this interesting: May 16-18: 2008 National Block Party - New Albany (suburb of Louisville, Ky), Indiana Location: Holiday Inn Express--New Albany, 411 W Spring St, New Albany, IN 47150 Block wargame and Eurogame tournament. The block games are: Liberty, Crusader Rex...
  10. thormagni

    Iron Man thoughts

    I am a big Iron Man fan. He was my absolutely favorite comic book character through most of my childhood and young adulthood and I followed his exploits through some really good and REALLY bad writers and artists. I even have quite a little collection of Iron Man action figures and memorabilia...
  11. thormagni

    Random 4e thoughts

    So, recognizing that some of my gaming buddies have backed away from rpgs, I'm interested in the group's overall feelings about the 4th edition of D&D. Personally, I am fairly ambivalent. On the one hand, I am intrigued by some of the changes, like making it possible for 1st level characters...
  12. thormagni

    BSG - Finally

    I finally finished the first season of Battlestar Galactica. Great series so far. Looking forward to the second, third and eventually the fourth! Thanks for the loan Vince.
  13. thormagni

    Miscellaneous gaming stuff

    So, I actually signed up to GM a few games of Mutants and Masterminds at GenCon. We will see if they get approved. My premise: Event Description: A new superhero appears in Freedom City, with strangely familiar powers. Is he the reincarnated Scarab? Can you keep some old foes from ending the...
  14. thormagni

    Outcast among outcasts

    According to the ICv2 Web site, sales of roleplaying games fell from $17 million in 2006 to $15 million in 2007. However collectible card games rose from $550 million to $600 million. And miniatures and board games were both big... Wonder how much floorspace game stores and GenCon will devote...
  15. thormagni

    Games again, again

    Vince congrats on the Solomon Kane books. You are getting a lot of enthusiasm on the board! Here is where I am at. I am willing to devote part of a weekend day each weekend to gaming. Like 5-6 hours on Saturday or Sunday. Right now, every other Saturday, I am running a D&D game which ranges...
  16. thormagni

    A "not so super" superhero game

    I have an idea for a game that I would love to run. It may or may not appeal to anyone. It would be set in the modern world. A world very similar to the one we live in. Superheroes do not exist outside of comic books, movies and TV shows. People have no powers and no one dresses in spandex to...
  17. thormagni

    Christmas play?

    Well, actually pre-Christmas play. Anyone up for gaming on Sunday, Dec. 23? I'm planning on running my D&D game, or possibly superheroes, depending on the number of people who can make it. How about on New Year's Day again? Anyone up for that?
  18. thormagni

    People are strange...

    Do you ever get the feeling that people are just... I don't know. Strange? Until last weekend, we had a forum on the Web site. We moderated it though, so we didn't let people get too out of hand. Just tried to keep it at a nice friendly level. No insults. No libel. Everyone being civil to each...
  19. thormagni

    It occurs to me...

    That I haven't run a game since January. Can that possibly be correct?
  20. thormagni

    Story arc...

    It was nice to finish up a story arc and for the opportunity for ThorMagni to become a count (hope you love those books Vince, nudge, nudge.) I'm wondering where we go from here. On to take out Al-Nasim? (sp?) I am assuming that if all the Rebuilts are lost to them, they would be pretty weak and...