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    Release Why Not Games Launches System 84!

    Why Not Games (Rocket Age, Play Weird) has launched its first look at System 84, Multi-Genre OSR on Indiegogo with the NTRPG Con Special 2022 showcasing our first two setting books, Rocket Rangers on Mars and Saga of the Estenfirders mashed-up via the Eye of Worlds. Rocket Rangers and RAY guns...
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    Release Prehistorica (5e) now live on Indiegogo!

    Prehistorica (5e), from why not games, is no funding on Indiegogo! It is our first Indiegogo project and our fourth Play Weird book! Five things you will love about Prehistorica (5e) now on Indiegogo: 5) The amazing art by ReOnna Smith! 4) The buzz saw mouths on the œsino, those little maniacs...
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    Coming [Necromancer Game] Shepherd’s Bane of 5e and OSR now on Indiegogo!

    Howl at the moon! Necromancer Games has launched our latest IGG project, Shepherd’s Bane for 5e and OSR! The moon is full! Can you protect the villagers from the teeth and claws of the Shepherd’s Bane!
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    Last 48 Hours for Rocket Age (5e)

    The Rocket Age (5e) Kickstarter campaign is in the last 48 hours! We have hit funding, rocketed past that to the Ed Greenwood adventure stretch goal, and are kicking in the second stage boosters to heads towards the next stretch goal, Rocket Ranger's Handbook by Rocket Age creator Ken Spencer...
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    Kickstarter [Kickstarter] Rocket Age Goes 5e!

    New from Why Not Games...Rocket Age (5e)! We have adapted the Rocket Age setting to the 5e rules engine. After nearly a year of work, playtesting, finagling, and getting the fiddly bits to fit in the fiddly bit holders, we are ready to make the final run to publication. Rocket Age (5e) is a...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News 110: Rise of the Demigods, Era: The Chosen, Imperial Jupiter, House of Keyes,

    Imperial Jupiter passed its first stretch goal today, adding Callisto to the moons covered alongside Europa, Ganymede, and Io. With any luck we will hit Metis by the time the project ends, and possibly even Amalthea.
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    Kickstarter *Kickstarter* Imperial Jupiter from Why Not Games

    We are proud to announce the launch of our first kickstarter project, Imperial Jupiter! Jupiter, largest planet in the Solar System, has finally been detailed for the Rocket Age RPG. AS a setting book, Imperial Jupiteroffers the detail, iconic NPCs, and story hooks you would expect from a...
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    [Why Not Games, Rocket Age] New Rocket Age Episode: Slaves of the Earthlings

    Heads up Rangers, you have a new mission! Now Available in pdf: Slaves of the Earthlings a Rocket Age episode. The Lincoln Brigade has been battling slavery on Mars, but a new evil has emerged. Where before the Brigade's elite Tubman agents have focused on freeing slaves and leading revolts...
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    Ken Spencer and Why Not Games Acquire Rocket Age

    I thought I would update this, we have Heroes of the Solar System up on DTRPG as POD. We went with Heroes first as it has long been out of print and hard to find.
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    Ken Spencer and Why Not Games Acquire Rocket Age

    Eventually, but not yet.
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    Ken Spencer and Why Not Games Acquire Rocket Age

    The Rocket Age Corebook is back up for sale, more titles in the series are on the way:
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    Cubicle 7 bids farewell to Qin, Rocket Age, Yggdrasill and more…

    Why Not Games will be publishing Rocket Age from here on out. Once this (hopefully short) transition period is over the existing product line as well as new material will be up for sale. Check us out for more information: