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  1. RavinRay

    D&D 5E WizKids Icons of the Realms Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons set now available

    Did this one fly under the radar? The official WizKids page for this set was up a couple of weeks ago and now all the figures are available in various bundles. If you want all of them prepare to shell out $749.99 for the 57-figure Collector’s Edition Box which includes the exclusive Hollow...
  2. RavinRay

    Re-working the half-dragon template for lesser dragons

    I started this thread with the idea in my head that the half-dragon template, while useful and interesting in its own way when applied to non-dragons, may not be adequate when applied to lesser dragons, such as the three in the Monster Manual, the dragon turtle, pseudodragon, and wyvern...
  3. RavinRay

    A new, meaner Demodragon

    Yep, that dreaded creation of Venger that threatened to destroy the entire Realm. I know he's been statted before, but all the Googled links I found are now expired and I can't find the Tome of Horror version. So, I decided to make my own version. I'm sticking to the original idea that he's...
  4. RavinRay

    Glass dragon (a dragon-hunting dragon)

    This is a dragon I created after reading this dragon-hunting dragon. Originally I planned to use the name "glass dragon" for a false gem dragon, but decided to use it for this different dragon instead. Glass Dragon Dragon Environment: Any land and underground Organization: Wyrmling, very...