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  1. Y.O.Morales

    I'm going to dismiss some players.

    One question to the GMF: Does a Game Master have the obligation to accept 8 players? [Background Info] Back in the middle of March, a fellow Game Master decided to stop his campaign and asked me to recruit his 8 players for my upcoming campaign. I got convinced by him to abandon my original...
  2. Y.O.Morales

    Canada... where to move?

    Hello Canadians (and non-canadians if they want to chime in): I'm planning to study a master's degree in some Canadian university in about two years (I'm planning for something likle Simon Fraser's Interactive Arts and Technology program). So I basically want to know which is the best district...
  3. Y.O.Morales

    [Help Wanted] Recommend me some books

    I'm looking to expand my small collection with some critical books: 1. I need an excellent third-party (non-WotC) book of mundane equipment. I know that Mongoose's Ultimate Equipment Guides are out there, but I'm negatively biased towards them. Anything else is welcomed. 2. I need a book with...
  4. Y.O.Morales

    Let's get this forum rolling.

    Okay ladies and gentlemen: The GMF was beginning to fall apart a little bit and I, personally, would like to see this project and convenient idea get pushed foward by everyone involved. I'm still waiting for ChaosEvoker's word, but I decided to go ahead with some initial setups and thus posted...
  5. Y.O.Morales

    Hosted Forum Creation Link

    Hello Moderators: I've been trying for a while to set up an EN Hosted Forum, but the link that I had in my email doesnt work: What's the new link?
  6. Y.O.Morales

    Your username's origin?

    I don't know if this thread has been done before, but here it goes (and for the sake of newcomers): What's the origin of your username? Mine is an abbreviation of my first and last name, and the 'Morales' is actually my maiden name. The reason is that 'Yamir Ortiz' sound pretty awful both in...
  7. Y.O.Morales

    Help! Sources of *good* material

    To the Enworlders: I'm planning to start a new campaign on January. The thing is I haven't DMed since two whole years, and when I did, I used to keep track of free material on the 'net: maps, tiles, adventures, etc. But two years have passed, and though I've been lurking here and...
  8. Y.O.Morales

    Which laptop should I buy?

    Hi everyone: Christmas is around the corner and I'll be responsible for giving a laptop to my girlfriend as her gift. But, which one should I buy? Dell or Vaio? Any other recommendations?
  9. Y.O.Morales

    [Scarred Lands] Got the Strange Lands book

    Well, I can't miss the chance to start a thread about a book that has just hit the stores (moderators, if this doesn't belong here, well, you already know what to do...) ------------------------------------------------------------- Scarred Lands comes to an end with a darn good book. In a...
  10. Y.O.Morales

    [DreamReality Press] Encyclopedia of Creatures Vol. 1 Preview!

    Amazing picture, uh? Then click here to download this dragon's statistics in a 10 pages (1.3 MB) preview of Encyclopedia of Creatures Vol. 1, which will feature over 40 highly-original monster. The e-book will available in a month or so. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our website or to send...
  11. Y.O.Morales

    [DreamReality Press] We are looking submissions for Dreamscapes

    Greetings, DreamReality Press announces its free monthly electronic magazine called Dreamscapes. The first issue, scheduled for February, will deal with the aspects of Love and Lust in role-playing games. Relationships between characters, marriages, pregnancy, celestial creatures and fiends...
  12. Y.O.Morales

    (DreamReality) Scales and Furs Preview

    Hello folks: Simply click here to see a preview of our upcoming magic item compendium 'Scales and Furs: Crafts from creatures'. If you have any comments or question feel free to post it here. Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  13. Y.O.Morales

    PDFs: Should they include flavor material or just plain rules?

    Last night I was reviewing again the contents of the Encyclopedia of Monsters Vol. 1 and a thought crossed my mind, since this book has 96+ pages with half of its content being 'flavor material'. Knowing that most PDFs buyers prefer small e-books that are printer-friendly, I was thinking if PDF...
  14. Y.O.Morales

    [DreamReality Press] And our first product will be...

    Encyclopedia of Monsters Vol.1 From aberrations to dragons: DreamReality Press is pleased to announce its first product, a 96 pages PDF book that will be available online and in CDs, both full-color version and printer-friendly (B&W) version. Here is what we have to say about it: Our first...
  15. Y.O.Morales

    Would you pay for a new, original campaign setting?

    All of us know that most campaign settings published out there have a lot of things in common, derived from what I would call a "Tolkien" fantasy. Stuff like tree-loving elves, dwarf miners with long beards, dragons, etc. etc. It has been like this for many years and hoping to see something new...