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    Anybody read/play “Feed, the vampire mythos RPG”?

    Feed is a self-described "vampire mythos" RPG, funded thru kickstarter and released in 2013/2014, that provides groups with guidelines for inventing their own strains of vampirism. It has a humanity mechanic not unlike 90s urban fantasy games, but this works more like a lightside/darkside...
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    Urban Fantasy general discussion thread

    I noticed there isn't a thread specifically for discussing the urban fantasy genre, so here it is.
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    How have you used dragon parts in recipes?

    Found this interesting article on mythology/folklore that you guys might find useful: The Uses of Dragon Parts in Mythology and Folklore I found the implication that the immortal eastern dragons shed their brains every so often to be surreal, but if the immortal hydra can regrow its heads...
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    Puppetland and feature creep

    So I discovered Puppetland a few years ago and immediately fell in love with it. I wasn't able to back the kickstarter but I bought the 2016 edition when it became available. I bought a copy of the 1999 edition through the used books market too. I read the 1995 edition on John Tynes' website. I...
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    Anybody know Starcraft?

    I first played it back in the early 2000s and found it pretty fun. When I came back many years later and read the official plot synopsis... Well, at least the gameplay is good, right?
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    Anybody care for an alternative to World of Darkness?

    World of Darkness has a virtual monopoly over the urban fantasy tabletop space. I don’t like the game setting or the rules. I would prefer if there were alternatives, but there don’t seem to be any. What I would prefer is something like D&D, except for urban fantasy. Lots of different...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 Statistics for lethids (aboleth variants from Grim Tales)

    I bought a used copy of Slavelords of Cydonia a while back. I thought the lethid and sli'ess were kind of cool and I was surprised to see that, despite the rules being open game content, they weren't reprinted elsewhere. (They're open game counterparts of illithids and yuan-ti, respectively.)...
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    D&D General #orc, #orcs, #orclivesmatter controversy explodes on Twitter!
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    Starfinder Has anyone converted Aether & Flux?

    Aether & Flux: Sailing the Traverse was a 2003 d20 supplement published by Dark Furies Publishing. It included rules for space fantasy using magitech, based on two introduced concepts of aether and flux. Although it took its name from the obsolete scientific hypothesis of luminiferous aether...
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    Designing holistic versus gamist magic systems?

    So I was discussing the article "breaking out of scientific magic systems" in another thread. The title of the article is misleading, as it isn't about the scientific method or the philosophy of science as it would apply to fictional magic systems. The article describes the contrasts between...
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    The urban fantasy market seems awfully stagnant

    Of the urban fantasy games that have come out in the last three decades or so, the one that seems to dominate the market is World of Darkness. Well, that and Shadowrun. I could be wrong, that's the impression I get. What sets World of Darkness apart from something like Dungeons & Dragons, All...
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    Is there condensed rules lite version of World/Chronicles of Darkness?

    The World/Chronicles of Darkness seem interesting, but have few things that I don’t like. There’s a bunch of different settings, like a convoluted comic book continuity. The rules can get quite complicated, especially in Chronicles. I’m not invested in any one setting. I just want to be able to...
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    How difficult is it to change the monster type mechanic?

    The monster type mechanic doesn't fit with the world building of my campaign. As far as I can tell, the rules as written do not allow you to add multiple types to a creature, change its type to another, or change the standard listing of types. The standard types mechanic does not fit with my...
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    Mind if I pedantically complain that monster manuals butcher myth/folklore/fairytale?

    Roleplaying games have a long history of taking monsters from mythology and turning them into encounters. Often the monsters are rendered barely recognizable compared to their mythological origins, assuming that said origin had any interesting aspects that got shorn off. Plenty are already so...
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    Do you design worlds according to fantastical physics?

    Something I dislike about typical modern fantasy world building is that it basically tacks magic onto a world that otherwise operates according to real physics. I don’t think that is holistic, since the pre-modern societies that laid the foundation for the fantasy genre didn’t think that way. So...
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    Do orcs in gaming display parallels to colonialist propaganda?

    So I see people online claiming that orcs (or drow or any other savage humanoid race) often unconsciously represent cruel stereotypes of people of color and promote a colonialist narrative. I also see plenty of people claiming that orcs do not and never have represented racial minorities, and...
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    Pathfinder 1E How souls really do and do not work according to RAW and my reasoning for why (WARNING: contains existentially disturbing arguments)

    (Scroll to the bottom for a one-paragraph conclusion.) The nature of the soul is a vital point of argument in the game, such as why undead are evil. However, the core rules never conclusively define what the soul is. There are only scattered and vague references to how souls work. I will try my...
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    Pathfinder 1E A more mature setting?

    PF is great and all, but I don't find the official setting particularly original or thought-provoking. I'll list my complaints below: Various races like drow, orcs, goblins and so on are arbitrarily evil, cartoonishly so. Ogres are rapist hillbillies. Half-orcs are rape babies. Rape is a...
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    Pathfinder 1E deleted

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    Pathfinder 1E The lack of overarching aesthetics in certain major planar races

    Take a look at the agathions, angels, asuras, demodands, inevitables, kytons, proteans, qlippoth, rakshasa... notice how the monsters under each major race look obviously related to the other monsters under the same major race? Agathions are animal-headed humanoids. Angels are winged humanoids...