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    Traveller: The New Era Bundle of Holding

    The Bundle of Holding now has Traveller: The New Era. My first introduction to Traveller was GURPS, so this should be interesting, seeing a much harassed era of Traveller. I will say (basically what I came here to say), oh, man, 90s design was awful. A lot of Traveller design is a minimalist...
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    Non-generic bestiaries

    I was looking at the Aventyr Bestiary Kickstarter and it reminded me of a running frustration with D&D/Pathfinder bestiaries; most of them seem so generic. Paizo and (3.x/4th era) WotC pumped out a number of generic bestiaries for their market plans. But after 5 Paizo Bestiaries, who really...
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    Adapting settings for systems

    I was writing up my own campaign setting (because.) and thinking about publication (again, because.) There is an area plagued by single monsters coming off the mountain on an annual basis, say, cloud giants or adult green dragons. In Pathfinder, an adult green dragon could be dropped by...
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    Order of the Stick on hiatus

    The Order of the Stick Reprint Drive by Rich Burlew Important Announcement; Please Read (Sorry this isn't the Belkar PDF yet) — Kickstarter is a post from Mrs. Giant telling us that Rich Burlew sliced his hand up badly on glass and had to have hand surgery; he'll be all right eventually, but it...
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    Pathfinder 1E Escalation die for Pathfinder

    The latest Kobold Quarterly has rules for using the escalation die in Pathfinder. Basically there's a bonus to all attacks and spellcaster DCs, starting at 0 the first round and increasing by one each round until it hits 6. To compensate, monster ACs (and presumably saves; the article omits...
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    Ptolus: Night of Dissolution and the Banewarrens

    Has anybody run the Ptolus adventures? In particular, is it feasible to interleave the Night of Dissolution and the Banewarrens? Are there good prepackaged options for continuing afterward? The drow adventure didn't seem to fit my group. I also planned on trying to weave in Dwimmermount and...
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    Value of a copper piece

    I acknowledge upfront the difference between a medieval economy and a modern one, but I was surprised by how much a copper piece was in practical terms. A low-level laborer makes 10 cp per day, as per 3.5 DMG 105 or PF 159 or 2ed DMG xx. So relatively stable over the editions. That's 3650 cp a...
  8. P is the new site that offers a Pathfinder monster every weekday for subscribers. I went ahead and splurged on the quarterly subscription and went over to take a look. And they've got about 80 days to get their act together for me. The thing that slaps me across the face is the...
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    Popular RPG books of 2011 (as per LibraryThing) is a website where you can catalog your books. They have a feature that shows how popular a book is over all, and how popular a book has been in a year (based copies entered that year over all books in the system) for the top 100,000 books that year. I looked at every RPG...
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    Penny Arcade: The Conflux, Part Four

    Penny Arcade - The Conflux, Part Four I think Smokey the Bear is frowning at me for not being careful with fire, but I certainly found it funny.
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    Nerfing rules in game

    I was a little frustrated my last game session when my DM nerfed two spells in one sessions, both of which had been used as is earlier sessions. The first, Ray of Stupidity, wouldn't have been a big deal alone. A second level spell being able to drop a purple worm (by dropping its int below...
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    D&D 3.x's

    What are the different roleplaying games that might qualify as D&D 3.x? There's features of PF and 3.5 that I've been less than happy with, and I was curious what was done in other systems. I'm not really interested in retroclones; I can find lists of those easy enough elsewhere. I've linked the...
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    PC's home base

    I was pondering a hypothetical new campaign, where the PCs would be exploring a strange new magical island. Due to the nature of the world, there'd be no Heward's Handy Haversacks or Portable Holes, so they have to find someplace to store their treasure; either in the hands at someone in the...
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    Killing a character through roleplaying

    How many of you have had a character go down because she was doing something that you knew better, but it was completely in character? I had a near-death last Friday; had it not been for a mulligan rule in play, my goblin wizard would have met a brutal end on the rocks after an 80 ft fall. I...
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    Stats for new races / new stats for old

    I've been working on and off on my own campaign setting, and I want orcs and goblins to be feasible for PCs. So I went back to the bestiary and boosted their stats a little. Fvan Orcs These orcs from the western side of the continent enjoy battle for its own sake. Skilled musicians (their...
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    Oots 771

    Giant In the Playground Games Elan's supposed to be a high Charisma character? Low Wis we knew, but he annoys the heck out of his party members sometimes.
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    Creature Collections

    Has anyone translated the S&S Creature Collections to Pathfinder? Is there any wiki where such translations would be acceptable? -- not that I have any immediate plans on making them.
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    Huge monsters in E6

    I'm starting a new thread from To focus this, let me start with my thesis: that in an E6 game, high level monsters need to be pruned back, or the very nature of the game world will change. I...
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    A 32-Page PHB?

    Has anyone done a 32-page D&D? I'm considering creating a basic book for a language that has no RPGs yet, but I don't have the time to translate a whole SRD without testing the waters out yet. I've thought about doing a short book that covered the player rules for, say, human and one other race...
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    UA LA Buyback

    How balanced are the Unearthed Arcana LA buyback rules? I can see it being useful for races that derive their LA from DRs or Energy Resistences that matter less when you have a hundred hit points, but what about races with high attribute bonuses? I just added it to my campaign, and was thinking...