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  1. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E Random Name Chart Challenge

    Every DM can use a source of random names. So lets see how many we can create before we get bored of it. The rules are simple. Pick a race, then male, female, family, or some other sensible category and come up with six names that you like. Like this: Elf, Male 1. Danciles 2. Elvrendel 3...
  2. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E Elemental Evil Miniatures are Pretty Cool

    I've been collecting the Elemental Evil random miniatures since they came out, and I've been reasonably impressed. It took a lot for me to accept the idea of plastic miniatures, let alone random ones, but I just don't have the time or patience to paint a lot. The selection of monsters is pretty...
  3. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E New Session Prep Method

    I just finished my second highly successful session using a new method of game prep, and I figured I would share, in case you found it useful. The gist: Instead of planning out complex scenes and encounters, I use my prep time to gather simple lists of ideas that I can mix together to create...
  4. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E 5E: Ten Years Later

    Imagine you were tasked with laying out a ten year plan for this edition. What would it look like? What's your reasoning? Which products would you release early? What about in the later years? And finally, what would a complete D&D bookshelf look like in ten years?
  5. Jeff Carlsen

    Additional Pages for the Official Sheets

    I have just uploaded Additional Pages for the Official Sheets to the downloads area. This is a collection of optional sheets intended to be used with the official sheets, built using the same style and assets. Each sheet is independent, so you can pick an choose which ones interest you. This...
  6. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E Initiative Cards

    I have just uploaded Jeff Carlsen's D&D 5E Initiative Cards to the downloads area. I created an initiative card based on the D&D fifth edition stat block. They provide the DM with a method of quickly tracking initiative and having relevant PC and Monster information handy. I've provided for a...
  7. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E New Death and Dying Rules

    Unconscious at 0, no negative hit points, death saves, and dead if you take your maximum hit points in damage or fail three saves. I mostly like the new death and dying rules. Anything that does away with negative hit points is worth trying. The only thing I would change is the amount of damage...
  8. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E Elemental Border Planes

    Mike Mearls has been tweeting a bit about the elemental planes. The basic gist is that they are working on elemental border planes that are like the material plane where one element dominates. He says that all the details haven't been nailed down, but they want to add to existing cosmology...
  9. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E Desired Spell Changes

    I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to spells in the current packet that you feel should be altered in some way. This includes: Altering the spells level Combining spells Placing additional limitations on a spell Altering the power level of a spell. An example: Cure Wounds; Cure...
  10. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E What do you want from Legends & Lore

    Legends & Lore is the big weekly touch-base with what the design team is doing. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's weak, but the one constant is that Mike Mearls always catches some flack for it. Fortunately, he has a fairly thick skin, but maybe we can help out. What would you like to see...
  11. Jeff Carlsen

    Character Sheet Contest Finalists

    Wizards of the Coast has published their ten finalists for the character sheet competition. Should be worthy of some discussion. You have to click on their link, then choose "Vote" from the top to see the entries.
  12. Jeff Carlsen

    Character Sheet Feedback

    *UPDATE: Sheet now compatible with the PHB!* I've updated the static version of the sheet. I want to get feedback before I put in the effort to update the fillable sheet. I'll once again provide the InDesign file when finished. Version 1.1 is available from the forum Downloads Section...
  13. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E A Hint of Elegance in the Latest Playtest

    I've written a fair number of words about how haphazard the current playtest feels, but much of that is due to the experimentation that's currently happening. Right now I want to talk about some of the promise that can be found in the recent package. Weapon Attack and Spellcasting bonuses now...
  14. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E Metagame Module

    Fourth Edition introduced or expanded upon several resources and options that gave the player limited metagame control. Examples include action points, second wind, and daily martial powers. Unfortunately, these elements were mixed into the same subsystems as less-metagame options, which I...
  15. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E Dissapointed with Attunement

    When I read about attunement in Legends & Lore, it sounded awesome. Some magic items would have secret abilities, and the right person, who performed the right ritual or sacrifice, could bond with that magical item and unlock it's mysteries. Instead, it's just a ten minute period of...
  16. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E Unified Weapon and Skill System

    Here is a rough description of how skills could work: Skill Ranks: Skills have three ranks: proficiency, expertise, and mastery. Each rank grants a +2 bonus on attacks and ability checks to which that skill applies. Gaining Skills: Your class or background grants you proficiency in a...
  17. Jeff Carlsen

    D&D 5E Traditional or Historial Arms and Armor

    This sort of thing comes up a lot in discussions. Conversations about armor always lead to someone pointing out that studded leather doesn't make sense, or that it should be brigandine armor. Weapons and armor from a very wide range of historical time periods all share the same equipment chart...
  18. Jeff Carlsen

    Seminar Videos Available

    I just wanted to let people know that WotC has begun uploading the seminar videos from GenCon to their Youtube page. I've particularly enjoyed the art seminar.
  19. Jeff Carlsen

    The First Five Books (after core)

    After the core rulebooks are released, how do you want to see the system supported? How often should new hardcovers and boxed sets come out, and most importantly, what are the first five products you want to see? Personally, I want fewer, more comprehensive books. I don't mind only buying a new...
  20. Jeff Carlsen

    A Hit Point Proposal

    Finding the right balance between simplicity, believability, and fun in a damage system is a challenge. I want injury to mean something, but avoiding the death spiral is important to others. So, without further blathering, here is my initial proposal:Hit Points: Hit points represent a...