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    DMs Guild Van Richten’s Guide to Korvidas: Explore a new Domain of Dread in Ravenloft

    Hi everyone. I've just released my latest DMs Guild product - a supplement that details a new Domain of Dread in Ravenloft. I just wanted to share it on here, in case it's of interest. Cheers! Van Richten's Guide to Korvidas - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild Information about it...
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    DMs Guild Twilight at Eventide - A collection of three short 5e adventures is now available on the DMs Guild

    Twilight at Eventide is a 32-page collection of three short adventures designed for characters of level 1-3. In the village of Eventide, the walls separating the settlement from the Feywild are weak. And strange creatures stalk the surrounding forests. Dark forms worship their demigod in hidden...
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    DMs Guild (DMs Guild) Dungeon denizens of Undermountain

    In my recent 5e adventure, a few unique NPCs and monsters are featured, each with their own stat block. This includes chitine warriors, a choldrith queen, a spellcasting draegloth, and the drider-like matron mother of House Szard'lin. These are free on the DMs Guild. Cheers...
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    DMs Guild My DMs Guild adventure detailing a hidden mini-level for Undermountain is 50% off, so only $0.95

    Hi everyone. I've decided to reduce the price for my DMs Guild 5e adventure by 50% for the rest of Dec. Happy holidays!
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    DMs Guild [Self-Promotion] Undermountain: The Caverns of the Many-Legged is available now on DMs Guild

    Hi everyone. My second D&D 5e adventure on the DMs Guild is now out! This one is a hidden mini-level for that can be added to Dungeon of the Mad Mage. It's 27 pages and is $1.95. Hope you enjoy it...
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    DMs Guild [Self-Promotion) - My DMs Guild adventure that explores a witch's home, crypts, and a lost temple is now 70% off, so only $0.95!

    Hi folks. I've decided to reduce the price for my DMs Guild 5e adventure by 70%, partly because of the holidays, partly because I've recovered the cost for putting the product together. Cheers...
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    Sale My D&D 5e adventure on the DMs Guild is now on sale

    Hi folks. Hope I'm not being too spammy. But wanted to let folks know that my 5e DMs Guild adventure - The Priest, the Witch, and the Lost Temple - is on sale for $1.95 until Saturday, Nov. 10. It'll go up to $3.45 afterwards. So if it's piqued your interest, you might want to get it sooner than...
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    DMs Guild [DMs Guild] The Priest, the Witch, and the Lost Temple - Available now on DMs Guild

    The Priest, the Witch and the Lost Temple: Hi folks. I'm new to this group and to publishing D&D adventures more generally. But I'm proud to have published my very first adventure on the DMs Guild. At the risk of shameless...