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    Level Up (A5E) A5e Character Builder

    If I’m not mistaken, the Level Up Kickstarter passed the stretch goals necessary to have a full character creator as part of the SRD. We were told that would take a lot of time, and I honestly don’t expect it for a while longer - however, I am curious if there is any sort of update, even just a...
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    Level Up (A5E) Runespell Rager: A Berserker/Warlock Synergy Feat Chain

    Here's a sample for a berserker/warlock synergy feat chain that I've been tinkering with: [removed] Short version: 1st Feat (Runespell Rager): Make Eldritch Blast and your pact weapon compatible with Furious Critical and Crushing Blows. (Also, you can mix and match the barbarian and warlock...
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    Level Up (A5E) GM's Screen—Nice!

    Been several posts showcasing the main books—here's one showcasing the GM's Screen. This thing is nice! I already thought the PDF version looked good, but this looks way better. Feels excellent, too—just a little bit of weight, feels like I could throw this thing around and not be afraid of what...
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    Level Up (A5E) Book Delivery - And Book Damage

    I don’t want to make a deal out of this - I checked to see if I could directly message someone but didn’t find a contact, otherwise I wouldn’t have made a public post. Obviously I’m psyched to have my books - unfortunately, they aren’t in perfect condition. Who do I reach out to about damaged books?
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    Level Up (A5E) Queen Bee Berserker Build: A Recap

    Unfortunately, the group that I was going to play this character with has been extremely inconsistent, so I decided I didn't want to wait any longer before discussing this unique build. At the bare minimum, making the character gave me a lot of thoughts. If you want a more detailed breakdown of...
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    Homebrew Voidrunner's Codex Scientist Homebrew: The Dread Reanimator

    My favorite materials in any game are materials that inspire me with ideas. Reading through the Scientist archetype, I had one such idea that feels a little more... villainous than the existing archetypes. Given that this is homebrew for a playtest document for a rulebook that is far from being...
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    Homebrew Beast Unity Combat Tradition

    I'm looking for assistance once again with a combat tradition. This combat tradition is intended to help martial classes with an archetype that grants an animal companion (currently only the ranger) do more to work with their animal companion, to help the two feel like a complementary fighting...
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    Level Up (A5E) Fighting Tradition Brainstorm: Help Appreciated

    I think it would be fun to get more out of the Beastmaster by making a fighting tradition themed around commanding your animal companions to perform special actions they might not otherwise be able to do. Obviously the initial distribution for this tradition would be pretty limited as currently...
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    Level Up (A5E) Hard Walled by Queen Bee Berserker Build Idea

    (TLDR: Without homebrewing anything, is it in any way possible, in A5e, in any of the currently published books, to get a non-magical weapon that has the Finesse property and either the 2-Handed or Versatile property, but not the Heavy property?) Starting up a new campaign soon, decided to...
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    Level Up (A5E) Gate Pass Gazette Submissions

    People keep talking about making submissions to Gate Pass Gazette. I'm curious how this is done, if this is only available to current subscribers.
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    Gate Pass Gazette Gate Pass Gazette v0: Constructed, Artificers, Lyncanthropes, and Jabberwocks, Oh My!

    As everyone knows, the test issue of the Gate Pass Gazette has been released, and I have to say that I had oodles of fun reading through this thing. Hands-down, my favorite aspect was the Constructed character race—whole lot of fun to be had there. I was particularly excited for the heritage...
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    Level Up (A5E) Warlock Exploration: Pact of the Chain

    The warlock is one of the most flexible and versatile classes in Advanced 5th Edition, and, arguably, no warlock feature epitomizes this flexibility quite as much as the Pact of the Chain. This exploration will review the Find Familiar spell, how the Pact of the Chain warlock takes that spell...
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    Level Up (A5E) Online SRD Beta: Login Problems

    The online SRD automatically logged me out and I can't find a login on that page. Is it hidden, or am I going to have to dig around in my inbox for the original login link?
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    Homebrew Warlock Homebrew: The Unnaturalist

    A warlock for every occasion! But seriously—warlock enthusiasts look at the warlock and ask themselves, "How can we make the warlock able to specialize into any role—but make it different, special, taste like warlock?" And so, in a continuation of this quest, I present to you: the Unnaturalist...
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    Level Up (A5E) Eldritch Blast: Re-visiting DPR Potential and Other Considerations

    All hail the king of at-will damage! This thread is a continuation of a previous thread, correcting Eldritch Disturbance's damage. I will provide the updated chart below, along with some observations that were much quicker than the ones I made last time: Quick Notes: In my mind, I categorize...
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    Level Up (A5E) Trials and Treasures: Gremlins

    My new favorite suite of magic items are the many gremlin items in the Trials and Treasures books. They aren't particularly competent, but they do their best to give you good service. You can bet that adapted versions of these critters are going to make an appearance in every campaign I run from...
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    Homebrew Homebrew: The Dread Knight (Warlock)

    Disclaimer: A5e is a new system and I don't claim to have an expert grasp of it. After reading through the core rulebooks I had some ideas for warlock archetypes that I put together, and this is my favorite so far. If you like it, if you hate it, any feedback is appreciated, but in particular...
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    Homebrew Testing the Homebrew Waters

    This post is directed toward the moderators of this thread as much as the active participants. I know that A5e is brand new and everyone is still discovering the system and figuring out everything it can do, but I can't get homebrew ideas and not at least put them to paper and do my best to make...
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    Level Up (A5E) My New Favorite One-handed Melee Weapon

    Adventurer's Guide, 311. On the weapon chart, under "1d10," sits the Pike. Defensive (Heavy), Heavy, Reach... and nothing else. MY BOY IS A ONE-HANDED REACH WEAPON THAT CAN BE USED WITH A TOWER SHIELD. AND IT DEALS D10 DAMAGE PER HIT. Put this on a Dwarf heritage (speed is not reduced by heavy...
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    Level Up (A5E) Warlock Invocation: Wicked Youth.

    The Wicked Youth warlock invocation (Adventurer's Guide, 278) is an invocation that you can take at 15th level, but only if you are a Diabolist warlock. The spell grants you immunity to necrotic damage (potentially big, especially in campaigns that feature a lot of undead or shadow-based...