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  1. RogueRonin

    Rappan Athuk (3e version) - any thoughts?

    The original three books from 3e are my favorite version. Much easier to run without the bloat, feels more streamlined. But yes you'll definitely want to get those updated maps!
  2. RogueRonin

    D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 4: Eberron) Olladra Advances!

    Arawai (Fertility) 18 Aureon (Magic) 15 Balinor (Hunt) 5 - 2 = 3 Boldrei (Home) 10 Dol Arrah (Sun) 22 Olladra (Luck) 22 Onatar (Forge) 16 The Traveler 23 The Silver Flame 17 The Blood of Vol 14 + 1 = 15 The Path of Light 16
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    D&D 5E Attribute Score Method

    I'd been having players do 4d6 drop the lowest, any order, since I started playing 20 years ago. Did my 5e games like that too, until the current game. We're playing on roll20 now, and I decided to have them do standard array since it's easy in the charactermancer, and I kinda like it better. I...
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    What are your player behavior rules in F2F games?

    No rules except the regular social norms that apply to hanging out with friends. Basically don't be a jerk. But my group has been the same six people for years and we're all friends outside of gaming anyway, so there really isn't much difference between game night and any other get together...
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    Annual RPG and Games Budget?

    This. I never spend what I can't afford, basically my monthly household budget has an allowance for leisure. But specially for RPG stuff, it has to fit on the shelf. My bookcase is almost full, but I am usually selling something every now and then. It's a good way of enforcing pickiness on what...
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    D&D 5E How much social interaction in RotFM?

    There is a good deal of RP opportunity at the beginning, and a bit more scattered throughout the rest of the adventure. It is set up kind of similarly to ToA, though, in that there is a lot of wilderness travel and encounters with things that won't make use of social dynamics. But the starting...
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    D&D 5E Previews of Rime of the Frostmaiden

    Flip-through of the entire book: (EDIT: Evil moose at 9:50)
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    Rate my bookshelf

    Orcus and gin - a true man of culture.
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    Rate my bookshelf

    Let's see some other people's shelves in here! Yeah it's the PoD version
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    Rate my bookshelf

  11. IMG_20200830_020601.jpg


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    D&D 5E And just like that, no one cares about Frostmaiden any longer

    My eberron campaign uses Keith's circumvention of that metagame, since you're right, everyone knows it. Adapted from this blog post: Dragonmark 3/19/14: Orcs, Mean Streets and More
  13. RogueRonin

    D&D 5E 5E's poor book bindings

    Oddly enough my only 5e book that is starting to come apart is Eberron, and I haven't even used it at the table yet. That's just from casual reading. My PHB, which got passed around between 6 players every week for a year, is still fine.
  14. RogueRonin

    D&D 5E How to convince better half

    If your kids start playing and really enjoy it, they will do a better job convincing her to join. Let them do the work for you!
  15. RogueRonin

    Your Favorite OSR System?

    My favorite retro-clone is probably Old School Essentials. 100% B/X clone, but with the option to add some elements from AD&D that fit on the chassis really well. BUT my favorite OSR game of them all is Dungeon Crawl Classics. It's so much fun, and the magic system and class abilities are...
  16. RogueRonin

    D&D 5E Rime of the Frostmaiden Gnome Mindflayers

    Every update about this adventure is messing with my expectations regarding the tone of it. At first I was excited for a grim and frostbitten horror campaign set in the dark north of the world... now tbh I'm pretty excited for Gnome mind flayers that walk on their tentacles, and scrolls of...
  17. RogueRonin

    What have you hate-watched and why?

    The last season of Game of Thrones. I had stopped watching during season 5 because I thought it was getting kinda crappy, but during the season 7 hype, my friends convinced me to start watching again. Well that was a mistake! Season 7 was honestly pretty bad, but the final season was just so...
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    D&D 5E Exploring Eberron: Now Available!

    I placed an order for a few POD books at the end of May (5/25 I think) and they didn't arrive until the second week in July. So yeah, definitely get the print + PDF combo if you want to read it any time soon.
  19. RogueRonin

    D&D 5E Keith Baker: Exploring Eberron

    It's out tomorrow!