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    Rate my bookshelf

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    The Grudge

    Has anyone else seen trailers for The Grudge? It's another remake of another Japanese thriller, just like The Ring. In my opinion, it looks really really freaky. Of course I've always been a sucker for a crazy psychological thriller. If you didn't see a preview yet, go check it out: The Grudge...
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    What is the best system for zombie games?

    A friend of mine is interested in running a campaign based on a comic book series called "The Walking Dead", which is basically a zombie story set in modern times. He asked me what game/rules system would be best suited for this type of game, and I really didn't know. I've never played All Flesh...
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    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    I just read the article in this month's Game Informer magazine about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. All I can say is wow. I had a lot of fun with Morrowind, and Oblivion looks to be similar in style. The graphics have to be seen to be believed, I can't describe the goodness. Better than Doom...
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    The Official Warforged Theme Song

    Here is a tune my friend made using Garage Band. One of the players in my group is playing a Warforged barbarian and wanted a theme song... :\ Anyway one of the other players made this and I think it's pretty cool. So tell me what you think. Warforged Theme
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    Something cool my players did.

    I am DMing an Eberron campaign right now, and I think the players are really having fun. In last night's game, the party was their way back to Sharn from Lakeside in Karrnath, and they decided to take a shortcut through Mournland. They fought some monsters on their way through Mournland; one in...
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    Need help with Dunjinni install

    I am trying to install Dunjinni and I get a message saying that it can't find "j2re-1_4_2_02-windows-1586-p.exe", and then I can't continue with the installation. I have no idea what this means. Can anyone help?
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    original Planescape painting

    In case anyone has a few hundred dollars do buy art with, there is an ebay auction for an original painting that was used for the cover of Realms of Chaos, the Planescape book. I don't really know if anyone is interested, but I thought i'd share it. Auction
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    Follow-up to "Queen with Burning Eyes"

    Alright, so my group just finished playing the "Queen with Burning Eyes" Eberron adventure from Dungeon #113. I (the DM) am now pondering the possibilites of what to include in the next adventure. For anyone who has not played it, but plans to, there will be spoilers in this post. As it ended...
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    Your one favorite monster book

    Hey people, I have been playing D&D for a few years, but I am just starting to DM on a regular basis. There are tons of monster books out there, and some seem better than others. So I am asking if you could pick just one monster book as your favorite, which one would it be, and why? Maybe it's...
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    Where can I find...

    Where can I find stats for those Gnomish gatling crossbows, like the ones the chainmail gnomes use. If the regular D&D stats for them even exist, i cant seem to find them. Im not sure exactly what they are called, but they are repeating crossbows that look like gatling guns. If anyone knows...