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  1. The_Gneech

    D&D 5E Hold Person/Monster vs. Undead?

    This came up in the game session last night and my Google Fu has not turned up a meaningful answer. So I'm tossing it out here for discussion. Would hold person work on a vampire (or more specifically, a vampire spawn)? The text of the spell specifies a humanoid, so I took that to mean...
  2. The_Gneech

    D&D 5E Blog of Holding Takes on Treasure Distribution and 1 XP/1 GP

    A very interesting analysis here: The article recommends, if going the "XP for GP" route, that you double the monetary awards for creatures at the top of their tier, but to ignore tier 4 treasure. I'm looking into adapting this for my own campaign. -The...
  3. The_Gneech

    D&D 5E The Wonkiness of Tool Proficiency

    During Saturday night's Starter Set game, I had a dickens of a time trying to explain to the rogue player what exactly he was rolling when attempting to use his thieves' tools. He kept looking for Disable Device or Open Locks/Disable Traps etc., and the wording of the Expertise blurb on his...
  4. The_Gneech

    Experience Points and the Three Pillars of Adventure (Long)

    It’s going to be a few months before the DMG hits shelves, so until then the only real guidelines we have for experience points are the monster XP values provided in the Basic Rules. However, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about how XP was awarded in earlier editions (and in other...
  5. The_Gneech

    D&D 5E Phandelver as Plot Point Campaign (Mild Spoilers)

    I may be projecting, but I’m fairly sure I see some Savage Worlds influence in 5E, particularly around inspiration (which acts something like SW bennies) and around the organization of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure in the Starter Set, which has an uncanny resemblance to a smallish Plot...
  6. The_Gneech

    5E Summoner Class, First Pass

    Working up a summoner class, as a Sorcerous Origin, and interested in feedback. It's on my website, here: ...whattya think, sirs? -The Gneech :cool:
  7. The_Gneech

    Rewarding Proactive Play

    So, I have a group of passive players. Like, really passive players. Like it's reached the point where I said "Here are three jobs up on the board at the adventurer's guild. Pick one for next week please." And they all just stared at me. It's not unlike trying to run a game for Bartleby the...
  8. The_Gneech

    D&D 5E Starter Set First Session Play Report

    First session report, here. Overall opinion? So far, so good. Not that different at first level from 3.x/Pathfinder, but definitely quick and enjoyable. -The Gneech :cool:
  9. The_Gneech

    Hammerfast Hex Map -- I Saw What You Did Thar

    Overland hex map, black and white illos ... somebody was trying to reclaim the "old school" feel here, I suspect! I'm a little baffled at the choice of battle maps, tho ... two large, rectangular rooms with minimal features. Still, looks like a fun (and mostly edition-neutral) little...
  10. The_Gneech

    Pathfinder 1E "Page 42" for Pathfinder

    UPDATE: New link to an updated version at, including a separate, larger and printable version. What Was I Saying...? - "Page 42" for Pathfinder welcome! -The Gneech :cool:
  11. The_Gneech

    Saga Encounter Building by XP Budget, Revisited

    A while back I built an "XP Budget" model of encounter building in Saga Edition to a) take advantage of one of 4E's stronger concepts, and b) plug what I felt to be a major hole in the Saga Edition ruleset. Well, some time has passed, and particularly with the new Battlestation Rules in Galaxy...
  12. The_Gneech

    Tiles and Maps, Actually Printed -- NOT Pdf. Any Ideas?

    Well, we all know that Dungeon Tiles/Galaxy Tiles are awesome. Many of us know that Paizo's Flip-Mats and Gamemastery tiles are slightly less awesome due to being thinner cardstock, but still quite good. I have recently managed to score some tiles from Christopher West's personal site, even...
  13. The_Gneech

    Saga Edition Quickie NPC/Critter Levelling

    As you may know, I've sorta given up on the pursuit of Saga Edition as a vehicle for a sword-and-sorcery game, mainly because 4E does the job well enough if you are careful about what you allow in. However, I haven't given up SE for other stuff, not the least of which includes, y'know, my...
  14. The_Gneech

    Iconic Spells

    As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm working on a Saga Edition conversion of older D&D, primarily taking stuff from 3E but looking at other versions as well. The classes are mostly finished -- what's slowing me down is the spells. Let's face it ... D&D has a lot of spells. :confused: So in order...
  15. The_Gneech

    Encounter Building by XP Budget for Saga Edition! (And 3.5)

    Bugs Squashed! (I hope...) 9/25/08 Okay, the document now has two sets of values, one for Saga Edition and one for D&D/d20. Take a look and let me know what you think! Bugs Found! 9/24/08 Some important discrepancies have been found and are being discussed on the official Star Wars Saga...
  16. The_Gneech

    Call of Cthulhu Saga Edition ;)

    You may remember a while back I did a sword-and-sorcery kitbash of Star Wars Saga Edition; well, I've done it again for pulp-era mystery/horror and called it Uncanny Midnight Tales. I'm quite pleased with it, and hope you will be too. Feedback is welcome and desired! So please check it out. :)...
  17. The_Gneech

    (Hit the Ground) Running

    Hokay, so, if I wanted to run a rough preview this weekend (since everyone keeps talking about how great the game plays), what exactly do I actually need? The resources I see on the board here are: PHB Lite Raiders of Oakhurst Raiders of Oakhurst Reloaded Is there anything else I need? I...
  18. The_Gneech

    Sword and Sorcery Saga v. 1.02 and NEW Adventure Conversion!

    My sword-and-sorcery conversion of SWSE is ready for perusal here: Granted, it seems a little anti-climactic after the big 4E announcement, but still! Anybody out there who wants to take a look at it, try to break it, tell me what they like or...
  19. The_Gneech

    Bad RPG Ideas, #477

    TINY & TERRIFIED: The Kaiju Bystander Roleplaying Game Play random scientists, reporters, military men, random people on the street, or the children of any of all these, going through a variety of pointless intrigues or sub-plots until 2/3 of the way through the game session, at which point...
  20. The_Gneech

    Runequest: Lankhmar ... Any Good?

    I can't find any reviews of the new Lankhmar hardcover anywhere. :confused: Does anybody have this? Is it any good? -The Gneech :cool: