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    Moving into occupied square

    "Enemy: You normally can’t move through an enemy’s space unless that enemy is helpless or two size categories larger or smaller than you. Moving into a nonhelpless enemy’s space provokes an opportunity attack from that enemy, because you left a square adjacent to the enemy. (Some powers let...
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    Stealth issue

    Hi, I have little problem. This is the situation: It's 3rd round of combat. Enemy X is trying to hide with move action (and move only 2 sqr). He rolls 20 on Stealth check. Now I compare his result with Passive Perception of each player. The only person who has succed is elf ranger with 21...
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    Tokens, tokens, tokens

    Does anyone have some tokens that can be easly printed and represented monsters from MM and other sources?
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    What monsters really know?

    I was looking into PHB2, avenger class, and find power that makes me think. What monsters really know? Here is the power: Now I know that PHB have entry about what monsters know: Everything is clear. I know. But powers like this will be not as usefull as they actually could be. In full...
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    So, about defenses aka. PHB2 defenses feats

    I think that this is even greater problem than Expertise. Let's see how this look: So we can see that our NADs are terribly designed. When PHB2 comes out we see some fixes to this problem. Paragon Defenses gives +1 to all NADs (it's feat bonus)...
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    D&D 4E Another math crunch and how fix 4E

    MONSTERS MATH 14+lv 12+lvl 5+lvl 3+lvl AC DEF vs.AC vs.DEF 15 13 _6 _4 16 14 _7 _5 17 15 _8 _6 18 16 _9 _7 19 17 10 _8 20 18 11 _9 21 19 12 10 22 20 13 11 23 21 14 12 24 22 15 13 25 23 16 14 26 24 17 15 27 25 18 16 28 26 19 17 29 27 20 18 30 28 21 19 31 29 22...
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    PC Defenses fix.

    We all looking now to Expertise. What with feats that gives PC bonuses to defences. In PHB 2 on epic level you can add +4 to single defence. All my players alwats takes Iron Will, Lighting Reflex, Great Fortitude anyway, couse defenses compared to moster attacks are just too low. So. This is my...
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    PC Defenses fix.

    delete this post
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    Movable Zones

    Ok, this will be a pain in the ass, I think, giving us more problems than it solves: "When you move a zone, you can’t move it through a solid obstacle." So when I have a column that block 1x1 square I can't move the zone couse it's blocked? fog can be tricky I see:) That gives me another...
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    So i have this little problem. Medusa Archer and Stone-eye Basilisk have both petrification powers. Liitle diffrent in the description. I'm hit with medusa gaze. Slowe -> failed save -> Not slowed -> Immobiliez. Now the basilisk attack me with his gaze. 1)Am I slowed now? Or I'm just in...
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    All about shifting

    Can a player shift when non adjacent to enemy. I mean. He's 10 squares from enemy. He says. I shift as move action and gain benefit from boots of fencing master? And can someone give a clarification about shifting. Does it prevent all OA or just when shifting from adjacent square. What with...
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    Dazzed until grabbed?

    Ok, another question. Man I've got problematic players:) I'm grabbed by Gelatinous Cube. I'm dazed until I escape. It's my turn. I escaped. Can I make other actions normaly allowed in my turn? Or just my turn end. Ewentualy I take Action Point (I'm still dazed at this action?).
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    Does a power that reduca damage, also negate conditions?

    Hi, I wonder, if enemy hit me with power that couse a 20dmg and make me dazed (save end) and I use Shielding Shadows or another power that reduces damage, reducing it to 0 (zero), the condition is still appied? Will I still be dazed?
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    Vision and distance you can see

    Hi there. I have problem. I will start online game soon and I don't know how to set vision. Normal in squares in bright day and Darkvision in squares. Program support fog-of-war. EDIT: What are the rules of 4E abut that?
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    How organize Dungeon Tiles?

    Hi, I've got a problem. I have a DT form 2 to 7. That makes 6 diffrent DT. How to organize them? Putting all together seems like it will be too difficult to find desired piece. For now on I've just split the DT4: Ruins of Wild and DT6: Dire Tombs and the rest is all together in one box. Have you...
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    How should I pronounce Tiefling?

    Is this pronounced Teefling like in Thief or Tahyfling like in Tie?
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    Does charge provoke OA from target of charge?

    Like in question. I mean. I have polearm gamble. Enemy charges at me. I got OA? What with threating reach and so... I know it's simple, almost basic question, but I need to be sure.
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    Help with rules how to conquer other civilisations...

    Hi, I'm DM in campaign where my players are pseudo aztec warriors. Brutal and viciosu. They plan is to conquear enthire island and other civilisations. Here's the map I made: How make this? I could make battles and so but it seems little boring in long terms. SC is too simple I think. Mayb...
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    Brain Fluke

    I have problem with final state. Final State The target is dominated by the brain fluke. The target spends most of its time eating to nourish the parasite before its spawn bursts from the brain two weeks later, killing the host. So when someone enters that state it means hes already dead...
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    Polearm gamble

    How it works? Any clarifications? Shift, teleport, forced movement gives you a polearm attack?