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  1. Artoomis

    Proposed Monk Rules Preview (not house rules)

    Monks currently have little support of their iconic unarmed strike and also have a pretty poor basic attack. I am starting work on a Class Acts article that I will submit to address this, and I wanted your comments. These are intended to become rules in the future, which is why I want your...
  2. Artoomis

    Assassin Feedback

    I sent the following to WotC Since assassins only have weapon attacks, the Ki Focus write-up is in error and is confusing. I suggest a wholesale re-write from: Assassins focus their shadow energy through a ki focus, which is not an object they wield but a reservoir of magical power within...
  3. Artoomis

    Being one race not good enough? Be two!

    This is a proposal that I am working on to be a new feat (or feats) for WotC to incorporate into the game, possibly though a Dragon Magazine article. I'd like your input. "Is being only one race not good enough? Be two." Currently, in D&D, one can take almost any class-based feat, Paragon...
  4. Artoomis

    Ignore cover for melee??

    There are a few feats or powers (and maybe items?) to ignore all but total cover and concealment for ranged attacks, but what about melee attacks? Is there anything? Thanks for your help! :cool:
  5. Artoomis

    Permanency expansions?

    Does anyone have a list of non-PHB spells that can be made permanent? It seems to me that some spells have included the ability to be made permanent in their descriptions. Thanks for any help.
  6. Artoomis

    Inspire Courage + Greatness + Heriocs

    Mind you , my DM won't allow this :), but, by the rules, could one have inspire Courage, Inspire Greatness and Inspire Heroics all going at once? It requires a Standard Action to activate each of these, but no action is required to maintain them. However, "...Even while using bardic music that...
  7. Artoomis

    Boosting Spell DCs

    I am continually frustrated by my targets making saving throws at critical moments. I'd like to boost my PC's DCs for spells by any legal means. I have one feat selection available, and can get just about any magic item created (if it has been already published in some official 3.5...
  8. Artoomis

    Advice: How to get Charisma bonus to Saves

    I am looking for ways for my now-15th level Bard to get his Charisma bonus to saving throws. He has taken the Force of Personality feat (Charisma bonus to Willpower saves) already. Rules: All 3.5 WotC source books are allowed. Taking another class at level 17 is a possibility, though not...
  9. Artoomis

    Bards and "Complete Scoundre"

    Anyone care to share their favorite bardic goodies form Complete Scoundrel? I am running a bard (13th level, now) and am always on the lookout for new, cool stuff. Especially as my DM is fairly generous in re-working things for new material that comes out. Obviously, I am not looking for...
  10. Artoomis

    Bard feat - two songs at once?

    Is there a Bardic feat that allows one to keep two songs going at the same time? Not to start them both in one round, but to start a second one without stopping the first. I thought I saw such a feat once, but cannot find it again.
  11. Artoomis

    Improved Spell Capacity [Epic] and Bard

    Hmmm... this brings to mind that maybe there is a way for Bard to gain higher level spells when Epic (7th - 9th level spells)? Perhaps Epic levels in Lyric Thaumaturge (Complete Mage)? That class already grants some 1 wizard spell of each level to the Bard, maybe at Epic levels it should grant...
  12. Artoomis

    Really permament?

    Is there a feat like this that is not epic? This should be able to be applied to Permanency, making Permanency really permanent. Given the number of Epic feats that have showed up in a non-epic form, I was wondering if anyone has seen this in a non-epic form?
  13. Artoomis

    [Complete Mage] Lyric Thaumaturge Bonus Spells. Is this correct?

    Am I reading this correctly? Bonus Spell (At 1st level gain an additional 1st or 2nd level bard spell slot, gain an additional 3rd or 4th slot at 4th level, gain a 5th level slot at 7th level, gain a 6th level slot at 10th level) grants extra Bard spells known. Spell Secret (Gain more spells...
  14. Artoomis

    Easy one - name of a feat in Complete Mage

    Can someone please tell me the name of the feat that allows a Bard to us his Perform Check in place of a Concentration Check? I'd like to get my character sheet correct.
  15. Artoomis

    The Penultimate Discussion

    This is odd for the rules forum, but the word "Penultimate" has been discussed a number of times. So here is the real defintion - yes, it is misused someiotmes, but that does not change it's meaning (it might, eventually)... Mirriam-Webster: Main Entry: pen·ul·ti·mate Pronunciation...
  16. Artoomis

    Swift spell as Standard Action?

    Let's say you got swallowed and had a Swift action spell to teleport out (Dimensional Leap). Let's further way you missed you Concentration check and wanted to try again as your Standard Action. Allowable?
  17. Artoomis

    Best(?) Second Level Bard Spell

    Given that I already have Tongues, Sonic Weapon and Mirror Image, I'd like opinions on the best 2nd level Bard spell. My DM is allowing me to replace Cat's Grace because I have not used it even once in many levels. This is an Eberron campaign, and this character is a very intellectual and...
  18. Artoomis

    Try again <sigh> Monks and Improve Natural Attack

    Okay, one more time. Using PHB, DMG, MM and errata ONLY, may monks take INA? By 100% certain I really mean it - no room whatsoever for an opposing view. If this is not clear enough, then someone else can take over because a fourth attempt will have ceased to be fun.
  19. Artoomis

    Monks and Improved Natural Attack

    CLOSED. Well, I cannot close it, but maybe a moderator will for me. Replaced by a better poll.
  20. Artoomis

    Yet another RAW poll! :)

    Okay, how about this for a FAR simpler poll? If you think it is superflous, just don't vote and ignore this topic - it will fall off from the first page soon enough.