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  1. Wardook

    Dark Sun: Athas, Its Moons and You

    My Preferances - I ran the Dark Sun 2e until my dice bled -I have read most of the books -Haven't run Dark Sun since 2e, it's been awhile -Dark Sun campaign is the first 4e book to impress me, sorry 4e fanboys -I will be running Dark Sun, my first 4e DM attempt Questions 1. What material...
  2. Wardook

    Did Anyone play the new WHFRPG?

    I had heard that FF was going to have the game at Gencon. The idea of a boardgame/rpg WHF kinda makes me shudder, but I will reserve judgment until I actually see it in play.
  3. Wardook

    Help Please!

    My wife is a local teen librarian. She asked me to run a 4e game for her summer program. I have two problems: 1. I have never run a library game before 2. The start date is 6/10/08 I've been running games for close to thirty years, but have never run a game before where the majority of the...